The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Two: The US Democrats have a predictable half-victory. And no vision for the future. That's the real story.

When the US had its federal election in 2016, I repeatedly said Donald Trump was going to win the presidency. This isn’t a case of hindsight bias: I just knew how Americans vote.

No one believed me. I was laughed at and insulted with people talking down to me as if I were stupid.

Then Trump won. No apologies, of course.

There were a lot of dejected people in November 2016, but I said that night, “It’s not a big deal. Americans will vote in Democrats at the mid-terms two years from now.”

They voted them in the House last night, but not the Senate.

This is not a victory for the Left. This is how Americans function. They are a pendulum.

I called it on this website repeatedly, although I am hearing bullshit stories this morning that somehow this was up in the air a few weeks ago.

That is the babbling of the politically and culturally illiterate who live in the Now, and do not know their history.

US politics is a predictable beast.

But there is a couple points worth nothing:

  1. The Democrats failed to secure the Senate. The Republicans picked up seats against all odds. This alone destroys the Left’s narrative that everyone in their country hates Trump.

  2. The Democrats did not have an actual vision or plan for how they would guide their nation. This is a major oversight completely ignored by journalists. They offered no policy, laws, mandate to the people. Newt Gingrich had his Contract with America. The Dems offered less than nothing but some sort of self-entitled idea they are owed it. Railing against a president is not a plan that produces social or economic benefit for a country. But the incumbent Republicans offered none, either. Only the president has the narrative and the plan. This separates him from both the House and the Senate who now become nothing but white noise. Trump will now have two bratty and irrational sides to show to the public and can set the narrative and come out as the lone sane man in the Beltway Asylum, which was his original hook, anyway. Now, he has tangible proof.

I never understood the hoopla over US election campaigns. They are boring, routine, and predictable. The press always made it seem as if it was a real cliffhanger to the point the overall patterns got repeatedly ignored.

I didn’t ignore them.

If you have a history, you have data. Instead of looking at sensationalist aspects that are trivial, look at the bottom line and investigate.

That’s what I did with the original Chaser News. I didn’t pretend to have all of the answers: I went back as far as I could go, and studied as I compared and contrasted. This method is the way to see patterns, rigs, outliers, and exceptions.

You don’t read more into an event than there is. You don’t use a false narrative. You look at facts and report them.

And Chaser will continue to look at the past in the present to creates maps for the future…