Postmedia all but giving up on news; thinks everything is in weed.

It is an interesting turn of events.

Postmedia is cutting back the frequency of four newspapers, including the Kingston Whig-Standard to one day less a week.

They are also removing newspapers they used to send to schools that kids never ready anyway because of cannabis ads, as if people buy weed based on a newspaper ad.

But they are investing in a pot pub instead of a regular news outlet.

It all signals a permanent shift away from journalism. A cannabis publication is a specialty magalogue — an advertorial-based form of advertising that is not different than one dedicated to booze, gambling, or stogies.

Come to think of it, there isn’t a huge demand of those publications, either. Cigar Aficionado, that had its heyday in the 1990s, is probably the best known one. Even nudie rags, such as Playboy and Penthouse don’t have the numbers they used to, either, in print or online.

Hell, groupie rag Star magazine only lasted five issues in 1973. You’d think something dedicated to hedonism and vice would be a sure thing, yet rarely they are. People love and live to do it; they don’t necessarily want to get cerebral about it.

But it is a sign that journalism is no longer a thing, and the overlords are beginning to concede it quietly as they fade away in a smoke cloud…