The Politics of Noise: It's all bullshit. We have an empty noise that burns, and nothing but bullshit to show for it.

Long gone are the days of Bayard Rustin, who is Person #22 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

He was a strategist during the Civill Rights Movement, and he was an African-American who was also gay, and never hid it.

He was a pacifist, however, a rare quality in strategists. He didn’t beat up on people, particularly those who pummelled him during demonstrations. He’d talk to them, and do something that made the person walk away, knowing full well they were the cowards who took their deficiencies out on the superior person.

His politics was the one of Sound, and what he said had meaning:

We need in every bay and community a group of angelic troublemakers.

But his message got lost along the way, as Sound is no longer what people make.

But Noise.

We have women pretend to be “activists” and make false accusations, and then say they did it as a “tactic.”

And then those little propagandists at Vox try to spin it by blaring in a headline that “It’s not one of the ones you’ve heard of.”

You mean, it is not one of the ones you paraded to the little people as if that mattered? That she made the accusation through official channels is what counts, not whether the slumbering middle class or dead media knew about it because neither group knows much about anything.

They know how to make Noise.

Not Sound.

And Noise killed journalism.

The New York Post thinks it gets it by asking for the President and the press to tone it down.

You can tone down the noise all you want, it is still bullshit.

We have “Ontario Proud” claiming they defeated the Ontario Liberals in the last election.

No, you didn’t.

The brag is Noise.

The voters who hedged their bets on the NDP fucked up enough votes to allow the suburbs and rural areas to make their votes count.

It was Orange Noise that sunk the Grits.

The federal Grits are equally deluded and think their Noise got them elected, and now want to pass a law to prevent other Noise from fucking them the way they fucked the previous Tory regime.

It had nothing to do with that Noise machine.

Trudeau promised free money for pushing out babies and legalizing pot.

Society allows connivers to think they have power and control and give them distracting tasks to scheme and plot as the world spins on the way it wishes to spin.

You cannot claim to be the force of a zeitgeist or ortgeist.

We have the brain dead knuckle-draggers at the Toronto Star wondering if there is some sort of Left-wing populism coming to Canada.

There is no other kind of politics in Canada but populism - Left or Right.

It is a byproduct of an ignorant news media and middle class.

Fill people’s hearts and minds with Sound, and they find solutions.

Fill it with Noise, and they do nothing but create problems.

And we are in an Age of Propaganda where it is all Noise, all of the time.

Noise is bullshit. It is trying to dismiss everything that does not align with your interpretation of reality. Vox is sophistry garbage that has discredited the Left along with the other propagandist and partisan Noise.

You have empty noise that burns and destroys. You have morons who think they are informed and political, and do not realize they are Victorian puritanical religious zealots who just mindlessly parrot whatever Noise sounds good.

Babbling, spewing, and rage puking. That is what happened to the Left along the way. They abandoned reality and truth for the sake of power, money, and bragging rights, and the more extremist they are, they more greedy and corrupt they become.

Left, Right, they have no difference in structure. They use the same rigged games.

And the same Noise.

Rustin was always ignored. He was always a footnote because he rejected Noise for Sound.

He was ignored then as he is now, but when Noise burns, it hides all the truths as it blinds us to reality — and the reality is that we have no information to guide us anymore…