Memo to Intellectual Takeout: Stop trying to validate propaganda. News is not supposed to make you angry. It is supposed to make you literate.

Intellectual Takeout is a garbage publication with no validity or factual relevance. It has no insight. It is pure sophistry and a very poor kind to boot.

But this article takes the cake for psychopathic bulllshittery:

The News Media Needs to Keep You Angry

No, dumb fucks, that is making the case for propaganda.

If you believe that news is supposed to put you in the same frame of mind as rapists, murderers, wife beaters, serial killers, genocidal dictators, and terrorists, you do not have morals, common sense, or a basic understanding what is the function of information.

If you cannot differentiate between propaganda and information, you have no understanding for reality.

You cannot make a case for propaganda. You can slap of few graphs to pretend you know what you are talking about, but we can have a serial child molester or a serial killer do the same thing to justify their sickness.

And propaganda is sickness.

We are made of cells, but some cells grow too much and too fast, and then you have cancer.

The entire article makes the case for intellectual cancer.

No, the point of news is not to emotionally manipulate people so they cannot think straight and react instead of reflect. It is not about temper tantrums or tyranny, both which are driven by anger.

It is not about irrationality. It is not about loss of control.

It is about finding information to solve problems.

Religious zealots threw stones at people out of anger. Nazis gassed Jews out of anger. Lynch mobs happened out of group rage. 9-11 happened out of dangerous mass anger.

Discrimination happens out of anger. Misogyny happens out of anger.

Because anger is masked fear.

The West never understood emotional literacy. People never learn to deal with their emotions: so they either suppress them and use substances to be numb to them, or explode.

People get slaughtered and lives are forever ruined.

So the article is pure garbage.

Give facts. Not spin. Not propaganda. Propaganda is dependent on creating angry audiences who are easier to manipulate and control. The article is trying to justify intellectual evil by saying it is a good thing to do evil because evil is necessary.

No, it isn’t. That is how unproductive cowards roll.

So that everyone is too angry to see how they are being played by grifters.

So fuck that, stop pretending propaganda is news, and actually contribute to society with something real and beneficial…