The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty: Vladimir Posner wrote about parting with illusions. The West have yet to part with their delusions.

I am upgrading my teaching skills through Harvard University’s short course at the moment, and it is, not surprisingly, extremely expensive, labour intensive, complex, and fascinating. It is mostly psychology, and it is a program geared at professors who teach.

But I am enjoying it immensely.

A lot of the things I knew from my undergraduate training in psychology, but of course, there is always something new to learn, and this week, I learned something about how students test.

If female subjects were given a plain math test, their scores were the same as their male counterparts.

But if they were told the test was to measure gender differences, suddenly, women did far worse on the same test.

Drawing attention to gender did something very bad.

African-American students were in the same boat: if they were to just write a test, their scores were no different than white students…

But if they were asked to write their race on the paper, they fared far worse on their scores.

So we know that drawing attention to race and gender alone can negatively impact people when they need to be tested, meaning the scores do not actually reflect ability when that irrelevant factor is brought into the equation.

And yet the Left does nothing but draw attention to it.

If we want equality, the solution is not to divide, but multiply and unify, allowing for the differences to be left alone and be a normal part of a fabric’s pattern.

One plus on equals a bigger one.

And all equations equal infinity.

The Western Left is bent on divide and conquer.

And selling delusions.

Vladimir Posner had a very interesting book called Parting with Illusions.

But the West has yet to part with their delusions.

In this case, but drawing attention to perceived differences that are skin deep, the Left is actively creating tribes, and with its competitive rig, ones who must compete with each other to be the ones who get the most pity and attention.

But in order to get attention, the tribe must submit to being helpless.


You must be a victim.

You need the safety of your in-group, and never be an individual who can stand alone.

You must be herded like sheep, and take but a single path with the Left as your shepherd.


I will choose my own adventure, thank you very much.

But the Western Left do a very good job at erasing history to present themselves as the only enlightened ones, drawing attention to race and gender, knowing full well that people begin to falter when their innate trait is being called out.

But the Right have not been as backwards or as villainous as the Left like to pretend.

Let’s take alleged progressive country Canada for instance.

Justin Trudeau’s narrative is that he is progressive, but what progressive things has he done to date?

When you start looking for tangible evidence, you soon come up with the truth: Canada has no leadership, and Trudeau is no prime minister, he just plays one on selfies.

It is one thing if you are progressive and not make a big deal, but his cabinet has many females, and none have done very much.

Chrystia Freeland has bungled her portfolio badly. Someone with extensive negotiating skills had to be placed there, and she is out of her league, and it shows.

We didn’t need to blink on USMCA or fall for the oldest trick in the book:


Make noise in the East, but strike in the West.

A basic ruse undetected because we have a regime convinced it knows something.

But they know the little people back homes also know shit about it.

Parting with delusions is the first step to sensibility.

And Leftist bigoted stereotypes that they alone know something about equal opportunity.

In Canada, Lincoln Alexander was the first black man to be a member of Parliament, and then the fist black cabinet minister in 1979.

He was not a member of the Liberal Party.

No, not the NDP.

But the Conservative Party.

So despite everything about the Grits, they weren’t the ones who were about racial equality, but they will certainly pretend they are the only ones, even if they are doing nothing but paying lip service.

Alexander had an illustrious career and is Person #21 of the List of People Everyone Should Know. He broke many firsts in Canada.

The Left no longer acknowledge that other people aside from the Left create progress. They have spun of narrative of having god-like powers and anyone else who does not worship them is a devil.

Delusions of grandeur, and dying your hair blue or getting a tat doesn’t cover up your helmet-haired blue rinse mindset.

It is one of the numerous reasons I lost respect for the Left entirely. Pontifical prickery doesn’t do anything but serve as a mask to hide the inner hatred and prejudice from that neck of the ideological woods.

So, it is the reason I am in the Radical Centre.

A bird needs two wings to fly: a left one and a right one.

I soar by trade; so I am not going to cut off one wing to prove some bullshit point.

I keep centred and balanced: I see the weaknesses of both and do not allow one side to dominate the other.

Because both sides are corrupt by nature and designed, with rigs that ensure no one questions their true motives.

But there are empirical ways to uncover it.

Chaser uses the methods to reveal rigs and stratagems. It is a road map showing how manipulators try to the public.

I don’t expect most to have the courage to do it. I have had my fill of Left-wing bigots, but I know they do their best to mask their prejudice, from pretending to be interested in accents as they are othering you, to explaining away why African-Americans used to vote en masse for Republican candidates pre-JFK (“because they just followed their masters” some white liberal moron recently told me in all seriousness, trying to explain that these were a people without their own mind, free will, or intelligence until the Left started to do their thinking for them. I had my fill of the White Man’s Burden narrative exactly one millisecond after the first time I encountered it).

I never assumed I was to meddle in the lives of other people: I was to get out of their way for them to thrive, and they didn’t meddle to interfere in my life. I wasn’t suppose to swoop in and assume I knew better how to live another’s life just as they were not supposed to do the same to me.

No rigs. No propaganda. No othering. No bullshit stories. No excuses.

No exceptions.

Chaser didn’t play political favourites, and it won’t now. It is about truth and reality, not delusions and propaganda.

The truth is we don’t actually have a political party that has understood the notion of citizen freedom. We have never had one that codified the rights and responsibilities of both the government and its populace.

We never had a government that forbade the middle class from parroting scripts and devoted its energies teaching them the difference between a lie and a truth, and a perception and reality.

And journalists were never any help. They can virtue-signal like psychopaths like to do, but when it comes to truly understanding empathy, they will block the handicap spots at a polling station and not move when someone with a disability needs it because their own egos are more important than covering the reality they are supposed to see and comprehend.

It is all a scam.

Not everyone will appreciate Chaser. I don’t care. It is about the truth — and building a foundation from there…