In an Age of Propaganda, the cultists hide the fact that they are a cult. They are the religion who have muscled out the gods.

First the threat was Global Warming.

Then when the warming wasn’t global, it turned to the unfalsifiable Climate Change.

Now that there is fatigue and pushback, the Doomsday Cult on the Left are upping the ante, trying to scare the flock with Climate Genocide.

Shut the fuck up.

This “report” comes from the United Nations, the same organization that classified its work after it was leaked that their strategy to combat it was to destroy (doublespeak word used was “contract”) national economies.

If Hiroshima getting fried with an atomic bomb and Chernobyl having a nuclear meltdown didn’t bring climate genocide, let us stop trying to use the Left’s godless religious brainwashing to force people into making you rich and dictating what the world will do to rig itself to keep you charlatans at the top.

Yes, there is pollution and it is not good. The is the Truth in the Door the cultists use to then up then use dogma and propaganda to terrorize people the way churches terrorized people with the threat of eternal damnation if they dared questioned their divine decrees.

If we had real journalism, they would have shown which companies, organizations, and nations are footing the bill for the research. I happen to know there are nations spending lavishly pretending their pollution is not a bad thing, but also others who are paying for it to “prove” the opposite.

The vast majority of empirical studies are bad and unusable. It is the reason why meta-analysis and replication had to be brought into academia in the first place.

These tactics were tried and true for religious cults for centuries. The devil was the bogeyman who could not been seen, and yet, everything was based on appeasing a god who would be the only source — and invisible one — who could save you, but only if you followed the rules.

Questioning those rules would result is isolation, blacklisting, and sanction abuse in the name of morality, and there was always the threat of Armageddon if no one agreed to be enslaved by decrees.

The Cold War based its strategies on religious methods, but the devil was a nuclear holocaust.

And now the Left had decided on Climate Change.

We have scientists saying they don’t even have to prove it because it is self-evident.

Skeptics must be punished.

The sins of not submitting to the Left resulted in war.

It is worse than denying the Holocaust where there was tangible evidence galore.

You will be denied an education if you question it.

And be labelled mentally ill.

It turns women into whores.

But let’s use those whores to shill our dogma.

It causes people to break holy commandments.

And sin.

It is terrorism!

Shackle them and put them in jail!

People asking questions are heretics.

Sweeping decrees are made where there is no evidence nor ever can be.

It brings godly disasters.

The end is nighagain.

We think.

Except for that time the end was nigh, but then had to admit there was a lull.


But let us brainwash young minds and indoctrinate them, anyway.

Remember a few years ago when researchers’ fudging of data was exposed?

And hacked emails revealed an uglier truth that scientists were urged to collude despite contrary evidence?

And that their dire predictions were all wrong?

But Climategate was explained away with bullshit stories, so it makes it all okay.

Many of those articles have been scrubbed online, and while almost none of the pro-climate change articles were removed, a very interesting number of the latter were.

But I kept copies of them.

I know who I am dealing with.

Although I remember this one that I can no longer find, where Kofi Annan claimed climate change was as bad as those Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t actually exist:

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 9.31.58 PM.png

But every one of these limousine liberals have limos, private jets, travel excessively when they could just as easily use Skype, and most do not live on farms, but in polluting mansions.

Just the way Catholic priests had gold, millions, priceless art, and lived it up as they molested children.

We forget about those who look at data and ask questions.

If the Left think they have found a sneaky way to be bible-thumping extremists by loophole, you’ve already been exposed as frauds.

There have been far too many manipulations, feints, propaganda, rigs, and exploitations to give free reign to the self-appointed godless priests who think that they have the solutions to a problem.

The problem is all of them are connected to various robber barons and corporations to be taken seriously. They are mouthpieces to those who are more responsible for pollution than the average middle class elderly woman who still buys every bullshit story she hears and then cowers in the corner wasting whatever little time she has left whining that we’re doomed.

Grow up, Tinkerbell.

The world survived flatulent dinosaurs. It survived an Ice Age. It survives being in the brutal outer space.

It will out-survive us.

It lived without us for eons.

It will live without us for eons more.

The Left have a penchant to sound like abusive husbands who make big threats that our world will collapse if we ignore them and strike it out on our own.

We have scientists pretend that they are never wrong, make mistakes, or lie, and we have tangible proof that they do and frequently.

Priests tried that old infallible trick until people got wise to it.

And they will get wise to this group, too.

It is one thing to find problems.

It is quite another to them come up with a system solution that requires a devout flock who completely appeal to authority, engage in questionable and untested unnatural habits, and never question their decrees.

It is not about denying anything else but the Cult who have lines their coffers well with their sermons and preaching.

Their propaganda is no different than of the old Catholic Church. The structure for mass compliance, control, and in-group/out-group narrative is the same.

But those games in an Age of Propaganda should surprise no one…