As I have two weeks left in my course before I start writing my latest book, I am working now three stories for CHASER:

  1. The first is about Canadian journalism, with a specific current angle. That’s the teaser so far.

  2. The second is about international politics, the ties in a modern historical era with a future implication. Not too hard to figure out if you read this site regularly, but it is with several twists.

  3. The third is purely historical — it is an event that happened in US history, but I am taking it to the modern age, and re-examining a forgotten and overlooked aspect. The two competing narratives of this event has two groups claiming victimhood — there has never been a resolution, but what I am looking at is the third and most important bombshell that got buried in all of the gossip and speculation. While much is in dispute in the historical record, one thing is clearly not, and yet we never talk about it, even today.

The first two will be on-going for the site, but the third is going to be a One Shot.

These will be slowly unrolled in mid-February. In a couple of weeks, I will have my year-end analysis, more detailed updates…and then at New Year, my vision of what will be the underlying theme of 2019.

I have done this two years straight, and to jog your memories:





Two for two, so far, stay tuned…

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