Bullies on the Virtual Playground: How search engines fancy themselves as thought police.

I never understood cowards. They are those who want to find out as much about you, but hide their lives — and then want to use your information against you, and then think they are so cunning and superior to you, that they are going to force you to think the way they want you to think…and muah ha ha, and all that jazz.

That’s Google in a nutshell. Evil.

In addition to quietly gathering intelligence to use against you, they wanted to rig search results to hide publications who are not in lockstep with that they fancy as being superior.

Worse, for a search engine that pretends to be “Left”, they certainly are acting like robber barons and capitalist swine.

So, they are bullshitters on top of everything else.


But burying people in their search engines is nothing new. Until I was verified, my own web site was ranked way down the line when you searched my name with quotation marks.

There was a lot of junk. My author profile was always embarrassingly wrong, and for a long time, I had zero traffic from Google search engines, which makes no sense. I am talking about current events, but only Yahoo, Duckduckgo, and Bing are directing traffic, but not #1 Google?

I have discussed these issues before on my site, but when you have overlords who can do whatever they please with no one to oppose them, you have a serious problem of how a collective’s flow of information is being actively impeded and manipulated — and with people looking at Facebook, they tend to overlook the bigger problem and Big Brother Bully on the virtual playground…