Pseudo-Progressive Bullshit Stories: Fauxminists belittling feminists of the past.

Here is some social media bullshit.


“Boomer feminism”?

Fuck you, you asshole. Please give a detailed list of all the tangible things you have done for feminism.

Boomer feminists got abortion rights, broke glass ceilings, and pushed for reforms such as birth control, and what did your generation do?

Cosplay at passive protests and accomplish nothing.


Fuck you all. You might as well have been carrying placards saying, “Mommy, make the mean man stop!”

But having no respect for their foremothers is something pseudo-feminists do because they don’t care about feminism or woman’s rights.

They care to stroke their egos by creating false pecking orders where they are the superior to the women who actually struggled and did tangible things that produces results.

It reminds me of an obnoxious 1971 Art Journal article from Jan Thompson about women in Art Nouveau where she treats every woman born before her to be some sort of pathetic weakling while missing all of the feminist seeds found in those art forms.

What pseudo-feminists are doing is propagandistic and revisionist: it is a form of a Strawman fallacy where the past is distorted to make the slacktivists of the present seem more enlightened than those who did all the heavy lifting.

It is ungrateful and disrespectful, let alone manipulative: trying to erase the history of women in the past, which is what misogynists have been doing for centuries.

These are the women who made the castles with their own blood, sweat, and tears., and we now have do-nothings bitch because the wallpaper is dated.

Fuck you.

And heaven forbid if that “Boomer feminist” expresses a controversial opinion. Let’s silence her, eh, fake feminists?

Or fauxminists?

But people who do nothing are always conniving to make genuine hard-workers seem inferior to them.

Feminists do not spend time on Moo getting business cards declaring themselves to be feminists because no one would know by their lethargy.

Strong women do not babble and spew garbage.

They do.

They do for others, such as Irena Sendler, Person #18 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

She was a Polish social worker in the Second World War who saved Jewish children, exposing herself to grave danger, and she paid a terrible price.

And, of course, her efforts were so gloriously ignored for decades.

So the fauxminists of the present are just misogynists putting a enlightenment spin on their old ways.

All of a sudden with absolutely no experience, knowledge, or credentials, they are decreeing who is a feminist or who isn’t.

As if you would know.

Take off those stupid red capes and learn from your foremothers as you compare their accomplishments to yours.

Marching up and down like a bunch of dummies is not feminism.

Once upon a time, when women had no options, they took it as a last resort.

You fairy princesses should have evolved by now.

You have created no laws.

You have founded no new political parties.

You have started no original school of thought.

You are a whining and judgemental void who have yet to make a single contribution to feminism or the world in general...