The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Three: My word is my bond, just like the obscure guy in the bug suit.




People who know me, know me. They can tell you that my favourite colour is red, I love black turtlenecks, Turkish coffee, Sherlock Holmes, boxing, the Theremin, Kintsugi, The Hives, Flesh For Lulu, the Eurhythmics, the Monkees, Spy magazine, the movie People Will Talk, the book A Confederacy of Dunces, the artists Han Hoogerbrugge and Salvador Dali, and the restaurant The Broken Gavel.

And Ted Kord the Blue Beetle.

I have the entire Charlton run (his publisher of origin and also the name of the street where the hospital of my birth is located) and many others published by DC Comics in the 1980s.

I have multiple action figures, books, and other oddities all regarding the character whose name is an acronym for Odd Trek.


People wonder why I have such a deep reverence for Ted Kord even after all these years.

The answer is simple: he is what every person should aspire to become.

He is both strong and gentle, serious and funny, extraordinary and mundane, wise and naive, but most of all, his word is priceless.

He promised the previous Blue Beetle that he would be take on the mantle as the original was dying in his arms.

No one heard this promise. No one could hold Ted Kord to it, but he did keep his word, even though it cost him his business, and essentially made him a broke transient living with the Justice League.

His life fell apart, yet a promise is a promise.

And that is the very definition of morality.

Doing what is right, good, just, kind, and moral under the worst of circumstances.

There are very few people in the real world who can say the same.

But I know I am one.

And like the Blue Beetle — who put himself in danger though he was but a mere mortal — I have kept my word under shockingly dim circumstances.

But I did it.

It can be done, and it is the reason I can sleep soundly every night.

And I will continue to do it with kindness and levity.

The difference is Ted Kord’s promise had a name and it was Blue Beetle.

And mine is called Chaser…