The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Six: Digital? That's so 2010. And 2019 is around the corner.

Condé Nast should be called Condé Past.


The shake up continues.

The industry is in turmoil, and the moves they hoped would “shake things up” are falling flat.

The Titans of Industry are archaic and are yesterday’s news.

But the articles covering their downfall don’t get it, either.

Just look at this headline:

A shakeup at Condé Nast highlights the disruptive impact Facebook and Google are having on legacy media brands — and how they're trying to adapt

Hello! Big Tech is fading fast, let alone trying to adapt to a rapidly passé medium.

What is this? 2010?

Digital is not the future. It is the present.

The fallout happened way back then; so why do we have clueless journalists pretend they know what the fuck is going on?

They are stuck in the past. They aren’t even in the present, let alone the future.

The party started without them, and the party is now winding down.

So what are they gearing up for now?

They have no clue.

Chaser knows.

And I am getting ready for it…