A special kind of stupid: How a nation is self-entitling itself into oblivion.



Canadian media is a special kind of stupid, and the stories they are puking about GM are fascinating.

The golden goose was cooked years ago, Toronto Star.

Memo to CBC, even when you see how serious it is, you cannot help but try to put a sunny spin on rot. You are destructive little cowards. You make excuses, and don’t even question why the press has given a platform for direct government propaganda.

The kind that has been exposed as such by reality in a very short time.

And the National Post openly states that government money cannot save a business as they lobby that same government for the same taxpayer money to save them.

They do not question why all of these politicians are investing money into the pot trade.

They lament that Canada has no standards when it comes to testing products, never realizing they collapsed because the government never made any demands of their industry, either.

The Age of Propaganda has now turned into the Era of Stupid.

Because the propaganda and sophistry has gone on for so long without a real challenge, people’s thinking has literally gone off the rails.

But reality is not waiting around to keep the charades going.

GM is closing plants because the bailouts only postponed the inevitable.

If Canadians think it is all going to work out in the end because they are going to get free money and the government will save them from their own passivity, they are in for the shock of their lives.

It has started. When Big Tech gets whacked soon enough, there will be a bigger vacuum and void, and there is no replacement.

And people are getting stupider by the second.

We have animals-slaughters (don’t play games by calling it a “protein company”) Maple Leaf touting it is building a big plant in London, Ontario…but is closing three of their old factories, slashing their workforce by the hundreds…all while getting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars from Ontario and the feds.

This is pure insanity.

Your little propaganda memes doesn’t prove anything other than you know very little but make big epic theories that have no basis in fact or reality.

Canada tied its fortunes to the auto sector and the US who it has now alienated with its self-entitled strutting. How will you strut when the carpet gets pulled out from under you, and you have created a populace who are spoiled, sheltered, and unable to handle bad news and always thinks mommy government will make everything all right?

The weed is not going to save Canada.

Neither is the government nor the press.

So what now, children, when the signs that the Oshawa plant was going to close a long time ago, but refused to see them?

And what else are you missing as you strut stupidly down the street staring at your little godphone in a weed cloud?

Get ready for 2019, and it is not going to be pretty to the reality deniers…