Memo to the National Post: Even if when you post an alternative opinion, you still don't get the trouble you're in.

The National Post has a certain snooty obliviousness to it that explains why it isn’t relevant.

This latest column is interesting, trying to argue the case against the government because it would “politicize” journalists…as if they were not politicized already.

Media outlets were openly lobbying the government for the Benjamins in the space that is supposed to be about news.

They were whoring themselves right out in the open, saying they were bribable.

They stated they were for sale and demanded the government be their johns.

Including the National Post.

Notice that they never made any changes to either their business model, nor their journalism model.

Doing the same passive thing and expecting a positive outcome.

Because their motives were never about informing people, but lording over them.

And they figured the government has money and the same intention: so let’s finally drop the pretence that there is a separation, let the press be your organ and rub us the right way and we’ll aim wherever you want us.

And this is the second time the government gave money to media outlets.

Two hundred fifty million was not enough for the whore.

Now it is more than double the last time.

And the last hit didn’t do a fucking thing; so how will this be any different?

This Brothel of the Damned is a hoot.

Andrew Coyne notes the fucking around:

Well now its 2018, and the publishers have long been leading the charge for federal aid — not only in luncheon speeches but in their own pages, not to mention numerous private meetings with federal officials. The publishers’ association even went so far as to suggest a model of how the money might be delivered, complete with promises of what sort of coverage they would provide in exchange.

If the government had balls or ovaries, they would have told the press to go fuck themselves, but the government is as loose with their morals as the media who has been lobbying for fuck money.

And obviously, they sheltered their sugar daddies in order to get the dough, and screw the little people: they are the targets to manipulate, not the electorate to inform.

And then the attempted sunny spinning of rot:

The government’s blackly brilliant answer: an “independent panel” of journalists will determine who is eligible to receive the government’s cash. Of course! Make the inmates fight among themselves! Let decisions about which journalists get to keep their jobs be made by other journalists! Who can blame the government then?

So while one group of journalists is scrambling to stay onside with the panel’s government-mandated definition of “core journalism standards” and “professional journalism,” another group will be angling to be appointed to this panel. Since that’s where the real power will lie.

Just so we’re clear: I don’t actually think the government will appoint a group of card-carrying Liberal hacks to this “independent panel.” They won’t need to. If the example of the Liberal-appointed “independent” senators is any guide, they will be scrupulously non-partisan, of unimpeachable respectability, and dependably progressive.

That’s right: people who fucked up the profession get a cushy government job to make decrees about which one of their little friends gets taxpayer monies as if they should be entrusted with a task they messed up the first time.

The press in Canada have already marketed themselves as government hacks. They haven’t been independent: it is the reason Left-leaning Ontario either went Right: whatever the press told them, they didn’t believe. That they trusted Doug Ford more than the press or the Grits says everything you need to know.

It sounds like a case of federal Liberal incompetence, but it is a case of federal Liberal corruption. This ruse is something I would expect from some socialist or communist regime: brazen nepotism with an open Big Brother bent.

What we are starting to see is a quiet revolution: people are now pulling away from Establishment entities. Those overlords are trying to demonize those by claiming they are fascist populists, but the gambit’s effectiveness is not gaining traction. That Canadian media outlets have hedged their bets wrong shows, (a) that they have no idea of the reality they proclaim to be covering, and (b) they are now in serious danger of a different sort. They have now declared that they are against the people.

But journalistic ignorance is to blame for their predicament.

I have been taking a course on teaching through Harvard University, and there are discussion forums where educators taking the course can post information. I had posted a two-part news article about what we are learning this week from a public radio station without making any comments one way or another about the quality of the pieces.

It isn’t surprising that one professor immediately saw the holes and flaws with the piece, and asked smart questions, and it was then I responded that when you have a product that misinterprets information, the public are misinformed, but have some sort of demented idea that now they are informed, and make demands that they shouldn’t because it doesn’t apply to their situation.

And giving money away to losers who fucked up their profession as they start to argue who is going to get the pennies is pathetic — but as I have said before, throwing money to these knuckle-draggers is a waste: this won’t save a dead profession, and it will not help the Grits win the election.

Because the middle class in Canada are jittery, arrogant, unknowingly misinformed, and have gotten too cocky as they have been lulled into believing it will all work out in the end regardless of what happens.

More fascinating, is that you have a divided Left, and weak Right who will battle it out, but the upcoming election will not be decided by either group.

It never is.

It is the pragmatists in the centre who call all of the shots.

And they have much to ponder.

For one, traditional media doesn’t sway them at all. Because they look at the bottom line and governments never give them any graft or goodies because they are always pandering to their own flock and fringes, bypassing them completely, mistaking those who are too intelligent to hold political affiliation with being apathetic.

For another, Donald Trump won the battle on social media, bypassing the press, and both the press — and the rich white Leftist Establishments overlords shit their pants because they thought they were clever and cunning, when they were just conniving with the ridiculous assumption that the Internet was just for those hip young Leftist kids and old Republican retirees wouldn’t be able to use social media.

Fucking arrogant morons.

So then the Left discredited social media with their various distorted canards about Russia, as if countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US don’t regularly meddle and use propaganda to rig elections themselves.


So they managed to frighten their own base, but not as much as they could: the US primaries will almost always have both the House and the Senate switch parties to oppose the president…and the Senate didn’t sway.

So had we not had this shit fit propaganda-fest, the outcome would have been more in line with the Left than the Right.

Now, this is a significant shift. This means that social media’s fortunes have now been tied to traditional media, and neither is an actual force.

What we have is a void, and the prime group that will determine the election have been freed from both influences.

All thanks to the Left who have been behaving like the Catholic church: trying to shame people in order to control and manipulate them under the laughable pretence of “morality.”

Both have been derailed.

Trump won on social media, and then the Left burned that bridge, thinking people would hop on the traditional media bandwagon, and it is the reason the Canadian federal regime is now bribing the dead Canadian media.

Doug Ford won his majority without either social media nor traditional media backing him.

The NDP and the provincial Liberals played up to both, and both lost.

Ford’s victory is neither minor, nor contained to Ontario: it is a significant shift in the ideological landscape, and what we are witnessing is a rapid transition away from all forms of media.

As the extremists on both sides are rapidly burning through their goodwill and authoritative capital, the traditional structure of communications is imploding. The overloading of the overlords is merely speeding up the inevitable with no alternative on their minds because they not real leaders with vision or an eye on the future: they are conniving hoarders trying to cling on to power.

And Canada has an old school fuddy duddy Liberal regime who not futurists but script-followers who think bribing a dead profession will do something for them.

They should remember state-run propaganda did not work for the Soviet Communists, either.

And that was pre-Internet days.

The Internet was always a transitional medium the way radio was: it paved the way for television.

And it is paving the way for something else.

The Canadian Liberal regime are not the guiders to the upcoming era.

And neither are the American Democrats.

The lot of them are Yesterday’s Rulers.

That is going to cost them more than they realize.

Journalism is also Yesterday’s Chroniclers.

And hitching their ride on any government is not a good idea.

The Internet trained people to speak in a public forum, once you have trained a collective, they can rebel against content, but never the structure or the expectation.

They can abandon Facebook, but not the idea that their internal pecking order where they are they are right and have the right to express themselves and expect immediate change.

And that neo-Victorian narrative allows that fake halo where they cannot be judged, expected to pull their own weight, or question their motives or assessments.

That’s why you have perfectly healthy and abled-bodied people making sad faces for the CBC and the Toronto Star how evil it is to take away their free government money and make them go get a job as if that were horrible punishment.

The reality is that we have a Western society that is reality-averse. When you have a public that is that way, but a regime that is savvy to reality, you have a people who are exploited.

When you have a reality-savvy regime and a reality-savvy electorate, you have true, visionary progress, and you can properly channel idealism to achieve great things in short order.

But when both the regime and the electorate are reality-averse, you have an Age of Propaganda where everything is swept under the rug and people play mind games trying to prevent reality from exposing itself and revealing the truth.

That means nothing real ever gets done, and then the denials of the sheltered government prevent them from taking the hits…

But the electorate are not so lucky, and when you have an awakened reality-savvy electorate stuck with a reality-averse government, that’s when the real troubles begin.

The Grits are using unworkable reactionary methods to connive their way to victory. It would have worked for Ontario Grits, when laughing boy Patrick Brown was at the helm, but then more cunning minds prevailed, kicked him to the curb, and installed reality-savvy Doug Ford who cruised and cha-cha-ed his way to a majority.

Donald Trump is now quietly reassessing the game board and has kept quiet. The knuckle-dragger haters assume he is becoming more predictable, but he will come back with a new strategy in the new year when the timing is right.

They forgot he did the same when he had to file for bankruptcy in his heyday, and then came back with a hit TV show that catapulted him to the White House.

People think they have found the hack for eternity and are holding on to it, even though it is working against them.

A stagnate society is a weak society that is resting on the laurels of the visionaries of the past.

Italy used to be the innovators of Murano glass until you came to the generation that hid its methods and stuck to the old ways, and then lost their prominence when the Czechs came on the scene with their better and more creative ways.

Governments are no different, and neither is journalism.

Both are clinging on to the past, particularly the leeches who have hedged their bets of hiding under the cover of Leftist ideology. They are the ones discrediting and ruining that faction.

The same goes for journalism, and now social media.

Money and dirty tricks will not salvage it because the mindsets have altered in a generation.

What’s next?

Another subtle, rapid, but significant shift.

Chaser will be there, and it is going to be an exciting escapade…