The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Three: Corruption is everywhere, especially among those who proclaim to be authorities.

The federal PC party is rightly accusing the Liberal regime of bribing media outlets with tax credits.

Of course they are. This is one of the dirtiest governments Canada has ever had.

But the Tories should rest easy: as Canadian journalism has collapsed, no one trusts them, anyway.

And they no longer trust social media; so neither battleground will be where that war will be fought.


Ah, far from the good old days, kids.


The private sector media outlets are garbage, and everyone knows it is garbage.

The public sector ones are equal garbage as they get their panties in knots when someone criticizes them on their own outlet, and then they censor it (although you can find it here).

That both governments and media outlets are corrupt is not a theory. It is a fact.

Why isn’t either the governments nor the mainstream media talking about the vile human rights abuses refugees are suffering in Croatia?

These self-serving trolls are after Trump and his wall, but that refugees are having their limbs broken in a country that the mainstream press and Western governments painted as helpless victims during the Civil War is an inconvenient truth.

Corruption runs deep because journalists are no longer in the face of the real grifters and cons.

They play favourites, and the second you do, you become a propagandist with a serious case of a confirmation bias.

I will not be playing those ugly and corrupt games.

No one impresses me.

Façades are for ridiculous cowards, anyway.

And I’ve no use for it.

And if I happen to slag some decrepit fake hero of yours, and you are offended, I have one thing to say to you:

Go fuck yourself, sunshine…