Canadian Federal Regime bribes media outlets with tax credits: Don't expect real news.

The Grits are busy bribing their way to an election victory.

For the Liberals, this is nothing new.

The provincial counterparts did something very similar during the last Ontario election with foreign-language properties.

And lost.

But the timing of this bribing of the incompetent is deliberate and it is brazen — and should be illegal.

But this is Canada, and conflict of interest and corrupt is the norm.

I remember doing one story for a US publication about a Canadian media outlet where rumours were swirling about the legitimacy of some of their actions.

So I called the CRA to ask, and I was basically told they do not know, and they do not care.

But then I called their US-counterparts and asked the same question as the company had US interests, and their response was not quite the same: we do not know, but don’t worry, ma’am, we are going to find out.

And boy-o, did they ever, and men suits went to jail.

But Canada is more corrupt than the US, but skirts the glare by not have laws and regulations to deal with the problems.

Make no mistake: this is a way of buying the press, but its influence is minimal, and the election will not be fought in the press coverage.

It wasn’t in the Ontario provincial election where Doug Ford bypassed them entirely and won a majority, while the Liberals gave out goodies galore and didn’t meet a photo-op they didn’t like, while the NDP vogued and strutted in front of the cameras to defeat.

The postal strike is going to be a blow to the Canadian economy during this critical retail season, and there are a few other factors that are quietly eroding the ground here.

Elections used to be won or lost in the press — not anymore.

But it won’t be won or lost on social media, either.

And that is a sign of things to come — and a major new shift in the landscape…