California is burning...through dumb ass excuses why they have a fire. Big hint: rich and spoiled celebrities building mansions in places not meant to have it.

Jerry Brown is as big of a dumb fuck as Neil Young.

They are blaming all sorts of people for the fires raging in the rich part of California.

No, Mr. Brown, “climate deniers” are not at fault for those fires. Asshole.

No, Mr. Young, it is not Trump’s fault, either. Moron.

You have big populations near wildlife and you make it a safety hazard, but you have to appease spoiled and rich motherfuckers who hog and hoard those areas, and then have meltdowns when Mother Nature tells them to go fuck themselves by puking fire.

She’s not impressed with their shitty music and movies.

And memo to Neil Young: You are a hypocritical asshole of epic proportions. You are an alleged musician, and that meant you toured, correct?

As in, all over the world?

With cars, tour buses, limos, and private planes, yes?

You’ve a got big-assed carbon footprint there, buddy, or are you going to try to spin a bullshit story saying you walked and rode a horse and buggy to those places?

You know why California is burning?

Liars, liars, pants on fire…