Publishing is a fickle business...

It is sad to see my first publisher The Disinformation Company vanish. They no longer have the old web site, and this is on their Twitter feed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.58.36 PM.png

My first two books were published by them. Don’t Believe It! was the first, and it was Richard Metzger who asked me to write the companion book to the documentary OutFoxed. I was teaching at Sheridan College at the time, and I was teaching a workshop on using “web logs” in the classroom to other professors on campus that day when he called me and asked if I would do it.

I was shocked and thrilled at the opportunity and happily said yes. That kind of opportunity doesn’t happen every day, and I was grateful. In 2005, thanks to Disinfo, I had two books published exactly one month apart.

I thought Don’t Believe It was going to be my swan song, but it was merely a preface to a new era for me.

I am sad to see it go, however. They were anarchistic, unruly, and daring, and even Skeptic magazine (where my breakthrough article about objectivity in journalism was published) never got them. For people like me who do not fall into little categories, they were truly independent.

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Truth be told, I didn’t fall into their regular fare, either, but they accepted eccentric Alexandra Kitty all the same. I had a controversial idea for a book, and it was a breakthrough for me…