"What a stupid question": The game of Go radically shifts as journalism is in a deep level of Hell.

CNN must stand for Clown News Network. First, bottom feeding gadlfy Jim Acosta got his White House pass taken away as others in the profession reluctantly support someone whose never done anything substantial in his career, and then Abby Phillip got call out by the president for asking a stupid question.

How many television shows and movies have gloriously had their heroes say the same thing to a scrum?

Like The Mentalist.

Trump doesn’t fantasize about telling the Establishment to go fuck themselves.

He just tells them to go fuck themselves.

And the middle class are truly jealous of that. He is living a fantasy life they only wish they could.

But it couldn’t happen to a more deserving profession.

Journalists are used to being the ones to make fun and ridicule people who are different or brave.

I have been in contact with a few of those people, and their observations are fascinating.

Now that the profession collapsed, you have a president who can target and belittle them the way they did with all sorts of people.

They have destroyed lives. There is no question of it.

And now the shoe is on the other foot.

No journalist is safe from feeling the consequences of their own barbaric power trips being thrust upon them.

And they will be put in the same position as they gleefully placed others without a twinge to their conscience.

But there is a new game of Go, and the President has radically upped the ante.

When the wrongfully convicted were demonized by journalists, those people could not fight back because the stress of their imploding world distracted them too much.

And now the game is on the next level where there is no place to run or hide.

Reporters have been facing declining readers and viewers as they lose their job in droves.

And now they get openly disrespected as liars and morons for all the world to see.

Internal strife and external strife.

The way Hillary Clinton lost her election.

And she is still spewing about running again.

As if the Democratic Party was her own personal fiefdom.

But the game has taken a sharp and unpredictable turn for the middle class who need memos to be told which way is up, how to feel, and what to think.

They are not visionaries are mavericks who can afford to tell of their bosses or the Man.

But when The Man can tell the world to fuck itself and have the time of his life doing it, you know the ride will be wild as the stones begin to branch out beyond the board to turn over the rules to make a brand new game.

And one where journalists have no clue what to do because they were too busy pretending rather than observing.

But Chaser will be there and will be ready to spin and turn over those grains to break them wide open…