Propagandists' minions are all alike, Left or Right. The Default Delusion is just another argument fallacy, not a loophole.

Politicians love to vogue in photo ops as they spew. and today was no different.

We had a false linear divide presented by President Emmanuel Macron who pretended he was somehow superior to Donald Trump and his patriotism was superior to Trump’s nationalism.

Nah, you didn’t make it up a corrupt food chain being a choir boy, so fuck you.

Remembrance Day is a token holiday where disposable pawns get a pat on the head from the grave.

It is politicians who create wars, and it is naive foot soldiers who have to die.

And then those politicians get to exploit it so they can tell the little people how moral they are so people would be willing to sacrifice their own children when a power-hungry war-monger needs fresh meat.

If you truly want to honour the fallen, stop lording over people.

Patriotism is no better than nationalism.

Both are sanctioned insanity used to exploit the naive middle class into telling them how to be moral in such a way that they will be primed, groomed, and lured into being pawns when the politicians and robber barons need to expand their territory and their chosen victims put up a fuss.

Left is Right and Right is Left. They are both binary. They are both Patriarchal. They both function on linear divides.

They both are beguiled by the Default Delusion.

In its simplest terms, a Default Delusion happens when you do not like someone, and you think you have found a loophole to make you superior to them by merely doing the opposite they are doing.

So if you hate your boss and he smokes, then you don’t smoke and then get all self-righteous about it.

Never mind that you are embezzling from him and fucking his daughter behind his back.

No, you are not superior to him.

He may be a scuzzball, but so are you, just another variety of it.

There is more than one type of cancer, kids.

So listening to the Victorian howling from the Left that Paypal is wisely calling Antifa and Proud Boys destructive motherfuckers by banning them is a riot.

Pardon the pun.

Both of them are tyrants using pseudo-moralistic argument to justify their thuggery. Both are ideological fanatics in tune with DAESH. Both are minions doing the dirt work for some rich asshole who uses them as proxies.

Both are worthless groups are pretend to be crusaders, but are just psychopathic hypocrites.

They are this era’s bible-thumpers and cultists who think they are so smart, that they can even pretend to be atheists and not be fanatics.

Uh, no.

If it walks like a bible-thumper, and talks like a bible-thumper, it is a bible-thumper.

That is a Default Delusion: you see religious freaks preach, and you think you found a loophole: if they believe in god, and you don’t; ergo, you are superior.

No, you’re just an asshole who is ideologically appropriating from script-following loons and then plagiarizing their lunacy into your unoriginal schtick.

Fuck you.

That’s the Age of Propaganda for you: without facts and logic, people have no idea how far they have fallen into the gutter.

They may feel superior to people on the other side of a line drawn in the sand, but they are not.

They fell into a pit, and then thought they stumbled upon a loophole.


You are as petty and jealous as the assholes on the other side of the fence.

So PayPal had a good idea of banning ideologues and control freaks who want everything their own way because they have to rig the board to win because they know they are not capable of doing it now.

Memo to the assholes: you can rig it 100% your own way, you will still fail.

The problem isn’t society.

It’s you.

Take a look inward to see where you went wrong and stop blaming people on the other side of the line for failing at life…