The Sophistry Soap Opera: In an Age of Propaganda, the middle class gossips need fodder for their provinciality.

While Canadians were howling over Donald Trump, Tony Clement was making it a habit of getting blackmailed and stuff.

As the Left howl at gunmen shooting people and demand gun control, they turn a blind eye to their own extremist thugs.

But the Left are always looking for someone to blame and demonize, never themselves.

A moron press are all sad because passive and cowardly youth are claiming to be desensitized to gun violence, while ignoring that this same youth were already desensitized to things such as homelessness, poverty, and local government corruption from day one because their ugly selfies are their own idols.

Serious garbage is happening in Canada, but Prime Minister Pantywaist, is threatening no photo op if the Americans don’t play nice and lift tariffs.

It is a soap opera of sophistry where an ignorant and sheltered middle class are looking for villains and bad plot twists to amuse them.

Their favourite soap villain, of course, is the US president.

In an Age of Propaganda, where people are shallowly educated, they want to appear informed, but have to fake it.

And because they have been indoctrinated by a Patriarchal narrative, they turn the global village gossip into a soap opera with fake logic.

And yet, journalism can no longer cash in on it on the pigeons.

But others are doing it with ease…