The Boomerang and the Mirror.

They say what goes around comes around.

We even have a tool that mimics life.

The boomerang.

When Western journalists chose to demonize Serbs, they had no idea they were making a deal with the devil.

And what happened to the Serbs would one day also happen to them.

They job loss casualties in the profession continue as the Tampa Bay Times is reducing staff.

They are not the only ones.

La Presse is also letting go staff so that they can become beggars and slaves to a wealthy benefactor.

The cowardly propagandist swine at Nieman Lab are trying to spin their bullshit by pretending being slave propagandist to a robber baron is gaining momentum and is a glorious thing:

Newsonomics: Newspapers are shells of their former selves. So who’s going to build what comes next in local?

There seems to be some momentum among those with deep pockets to address the local news crisis. But if that money appears, where should it be directed?

Fuck you, sellouts. The rich will abandon you when they realize their money won’t serve their interests because no one is fucking looking in your direction.

And Donald Trump is having the time of his exciting life demonizing journalists and messing with their little minds by calling them fake news.

Journalists are howling like the rabid pigs that they always were: crying fowl as they cluck and screech about being maligned by a president.

The same shit they pulled on Serbs.

Yes, the boomerang came around and shattered their mirror.

They fucked up the former Yugoslavia with their games, and so it should be no surprise that Kosovo is a hub of fake news.

The fake news journalists spewed was revolting, but when you plant dishonest seeds, the fruits of your labours will poison you and the ground around you.

And for the profession, that ground eroded.

What goes around comes around.

And yet the worst — and best is yet to come…