The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Seventeen: It is the Era of the Coward. The level of fear has made people afraid of their own shadow. Not me. I fear no journalist, and no troll.

Never have we had a weaker and more ineffectual news media, and yet the absolute fear people have these days over confronting reality is staggering.

And the results have been a dead profession spewing propaganda.

The Guardian has done it with an article about how Right-leaning corporations are doing dirty deeds, while ignoring that the Left-leaning ones, such as Facebook have been doing things such as manipulation and surveillance, but let us skew to rig political results rather than question how robber barons of all political stripes are controlling a cowardly population.

Cowards want scripts and guarantees. They want other people to take the risks, as they reap the benefits. They are passive, whiny, and tribal, always coming up with excuses rather than results because they do not want to be shunned in public.

Journalists are cowardly by nature, and they manipulate the optics to seem graver than they are. They are vindictive whenever someone stands up to them, and many who try are too weak to stand their ground.

Journalists have their war against truth, but like the Catholic priests who molested children but pretended to be more moral than the people they were abusing, it is all for show, nothing more.

Jon Stewart told the truth when he said the press were narcissists, but then a member of the narcissist club tried to pretend they were morally superior to cowards of other varieties, but unlike most, Stewart held his ground.

But we are in an Era of the Coward: people who cling to little tribes as they prove their ignorance on the Troll Scroll, spewing nincompoopity and openly admitting they are ignorant and close-minded. They try to rig the world to prove their unworkable ideas are the Truth.

But they learned those bad habits from journalists.

I gave a recent talk about my book and one of the attendees asked what what Canadian outlets were reliable. I said none. She stared at me as if I had said she had a terminal illness.

But why this would be a surprise is beyond me.

The group had seen themselves as well informed, but the amount of critical information they did not know was dangerous. They weren’t stupid. They just settled for bad journalism, and then thought that going through the middle class motions alone would guarantee that they would be savvy and informed.

But nothing sticks anymore. People cherry-pick scandals, bully a target with their obsessive posts about it as well as their meme posters, and have no idea what is actually happening around them, let alone their world.

But it is fear. People have become afraid of the monsters because deep down, they know they are living in the dark and the Dark Ages.

People are thumping their chests to hid the fact that they are living in cold terror.

And that’s not how I roll.

I don’t care about journalists they way I do not care about any other group of dishonest narcissists.

What I care is that universities have no stepped up to the plate. I care that we have an information void.

Chaser News was about filling voids.

Chaser will be about showing that what we see as voids are illusions brought about by cowardice.

Nothing else.

The white noise of rage, is in fact, the screams of fear.

And that happens when our soul knows we are being lied to and we stand around and take that abuse.

I am not afraid of journalists. I pity them.

Because their fear destroyed their own discipline one cowardly act at a time…