Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-Nine.

Why journalism stooped to fear-mongering propaganda is an easy to figure out: it is cheap, manipulative, and the weapon of choice for immoral and lazy people who want to control people, but are too lazy to persuade with facts.

Journalists love, love, love to virtue-signal with all sorts of propaganda that is no different than the so-called Russian variety the Left babble and spew about as if they weren’t doing the same thing.


Yay, propaganda!


Manipulation porn for the masses!


So it makes it all okay.


And turnaround is fair play.


But why has it gotten so out of control?

Because social media has increased the noise level and the competition in the marketplace of control has gotten that much fiercer.

People who lack creative intelligence always stoop to going in an extremist direction: they are mindless enough to depend on someone else’s established script that worked in the past, but then they think if a little did it, then wildly exaggerating is even better.

Take incurable propaganda newspaper the Toronto Star that had this melodramatic drivel:

Social murder and the Doug Ford government

“Social murder”? Really? Are you going to accuse him of being a baby-slapper, too?

Where is this primitive sink or swim rubbish coming from? Ontario’s debt levels are not in question; so how is it beneficial to sink resources in a system that hasn’t made a dent in the poverty levels?

And why would the government deliberately make dependent people who are able enough to go out and earn their own keep?

Employment brings in new money. Government dependence sinks money and takes it out of circulation. There is nothing to stop the government, for instance, on putting caps on bonuses and the ratio between the highest paid employee and the lowest.

It is not “social murder.” It is governance by a different means, and as someone who has lived through various political regimes over the years, my fortunes were never dependent on whether it was a Left or Right party.

This is a temper tantrum and a manipulative one to boot.

The minimum wage increase was not popular with those who had small businesses. Their voice counts just as much as everyone else’s, and if they are having problems, you cannot discount or dismiss them.

And as for those who benefitted from the increase, it obviously didn’t mean that much to them as they did not give their vote to the party that introduced it and made it a reality.

Do not blame Ford if the electorate told him their desires.

Besides, if there is a demand for workers, those who are hiring have to sweeten the pot; thus, encouraging independent economic health that can sustain itself would be far superior than just throwing other people’s money at the problem, or worse, borrowed money at it.

Why, in 2018, we have the Binary Antagonistic model to every solution where we create a pecking order as we demonize one side and deify another, is an indictment on our governments, educational systems, but most importantly of all, communications fields such as entertainment and journalism.

Stop pretending there are only two sides where one is absolutely right and the other has to be wrong by default.

It is the Default Delusion: if the opposite side is wrong, then yours must be right by default.

That is your opinion, and truth and reality don’t care about your opinion.

We are not a structure that negotiates. We are not one with empathy. It has become a psychopathic one as emotional literacy is not a factor in how we educate ourselves, nor are we strategically literate; otherwise, we wouldn’t be stooping to trying to trick and manipulate everyone with garbage propaganda.

The alternative doesn’t demonize or deify. Your mommy may think you are an angel or a god, but her delusions are her comfort, not the key to solutions.

We bring unity by ensuring we know reality and understand truth. It is not all about you.

But when you coast with Patriarchal structures where there is only The One, you will connive, lie, bully, and manipulate to ensure you are The One.

Even if you aren’t, and being The One makes everything worse for everyone — including yourself.

It is not about enabling delusions and then requiring propaganda to deflect everyone’s attention from the weakness of your false arguments.

No narratives. No propaganda. No games. No war.

Just facts: the one thing propagandists fear more than reality…