Chest-thumping in an Age of Propaganda.

The Troll Scroll is the place where the little people can thump their chests, and honestly think they are accomplishing something real.

It is this era’s equivalent to praying.


But while the atheists scoff at prayer, their equivalent is chest-thumping on the Troll Scroll.

It is Troll Church where the flock all get to issue decrees and sermons and otherwise behave like the helmet-haired old biddies who passed judgement on everyone else in their deluded little pecking order with gossip, rage, and of course, no facts whatsoever.

The world has become an ideological church of the damned.

Prayers at least were silent and respectful to gods.

The chest-thumping is rude, tyrannical, destructive, and a strange kind of loud.

Not by sound, but by written word.

Because when the millions of members of the trollish church of the damn begin to preach, they have a lot of competition.

So instead of reason, they go for volume, and the ruder, the better.

How do you stand out issuing the same propagandistic logic that everyone else is issuing? How can your special individuality shine amid the millions of repetitive and unoriginal screeching of the mundane?

The kicker and the punchline is, you can’t.

The flock are a collective who all march lockstep, hoping they will get their own way, and be anointed the Chosen One.

It is pure deluded farce, but somehow, the obvious hasn’t clicked in because the church is a sucker circus.

I had some ninny take umbrage with one of my posts here where I pointed out that the Left keep striking out in the US, but then said with no proof that they were “winning.”

Winning what?

Since 2016, the Left did not win the White House, the Senate, the House, two thirds of governorships, and failed to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming Supreme Court Judge.

They managed to get rid of a few Left-wing sexual harassers in newsrooms and Hollywood, but those were their own leches they exposed as being swine.

It may feel good to thump your chest on social media, but it accomplishes nothing.

Marching on the street is what the imminent losers of a battle do when they didn’t stop those in power in time.

The Left in the US and in Canada have a severe misaligned interpretation of reality, that is the toxic stew of cowardice, arrogance, ignorance, and having childhoods where they were shielded from failing, losing, or struggle by their helicopter meddlesome parents who overpraised their mediocre accomplishments as they were swindled by psychics that their average brat was an “Indigo child”, which is a backhanded way of saying life will beat the little brat black and blue.

But those were not the only exploiters. All those kiddie lessons where those same brats were told they were “gifted” and destined for greatness did not help in the humility department. Inflated marks and diluted course content was another.

Then network television brought glorified karaoke with American Idol, and instant fame was the pre-app of the era. Then reality television got people excited that they could feel good about doing nothing.

All while those social media start-ups were swaggering into town, liberating everyone — which was both true and good — by then overplayed their greedy little hand by promising fame, fortune and utopia could be found by shit-posting on websites as sophistry-drenched blogs, vlogs, and selfies was all that it would take to be the next Kardashian or Real Housewife/husband.

To paraphrase a commercial, social media let’s you be you and get rewarded for it.

And not to mention effortless apps that rewarded that lack of effort and all those selfie filters.

Except none of things made everyone rich and famous.

No amount of airbrushing your pouty selfie in your underpants did it. People threw fits, pretending to want acceptance and diversity, but what they were trying to do was forge a path for public adoration despite all of their mundane and mediocre qualities.

Attention was always fleeting, and it can be no other way when you are competing with millions of other self-absorbed blowhards with no talent, knowledge, skill, expertise, or gift.

People became angry, and could not possibly blame themselves or own the fact that they were pigeons who were duped.

So they blamed other people whose hard work and active diligence got them places.

#MeToo didn’t just take down predators: they took down rich and powerful people from old school venues of fame and success.

And now that those people are gone, nothing has actually changed.

People thump their chests not in anger so much as fear of reality and the realization that they are in their thirties, not rich, not famous, and their tattoos, body piercings and neon green hair isn’t giving them attention.

Because there are a dime a dozen of those mundane properties posing on the Instagram and ranting on the Twitter.

For Millennials, their mid-life crisis came very early. They are now past their prime, over the hill, and never-weres, let alone has-beens.

That is the source of the pseudo and shallow “rage.”

No one is shouting “bravo!” to them and it hurts like hell.

Not as if their parents are any more mature.

We have elderly marching on the streets, protesting that their lives past them by and their playing-it-safe middle class existence wasn’t the answer to life.

It is all chest-thumping.

Not genuine anger.

There is no “Resistance”: Hollywood has-beens who kept secret all those sins of their business are trying to cash in, thinking it is some sort of posh designer label.

No one ever thinks to get over themselves and stop making noise.

No one cares if you are offended.

You fell for a long line of grifters who all left marks on your back to let other grifters know that you are a pigeon ripe for fleecing.

But that is what happens when you are vain, greedy, gullible, selfish and shallow.

You bought into the pecking order when you thought you were guaranteed the spot at the very top so you could look down on your parents, siblings, rivals, and ex-lovers.

The Internet is in decline, and that means the outlet for chest-thumping will not be as powerful as it once was.

There are no flames here. There is no fire.

Just people thumping their chests as if they were angry gods, not mere mortals in denial of reality — a concept they have yet to be introduced to and get to know.

The Age of Propaganda tries to fan the flames of fear in the guise of anger and hatred, but cowards do not have the courage to be an active agent of constructive change.

Because that requires humility, a trait no coward ever possesses.

It requires a willingness to admit you were wrong and do not know everything.

And a willingness to embrace facts.

The Western world has much to atone for, not just the rich folks so much as the middle class folks who stayed in the soft layers hoping to ride on the coattails of the wealthy and exploit the poor.

The mindsets are shifting and the rage is not a sign of radicalization, it is the realization that they all fell for a colossal hoax and were tricked with their own egos.

Hollywood is losing clout. Journalism lost it completely. They are trying to provoke masses to regain their power, but in all off their games, it is peculiar that their target of misdirection and deflection, Donald J. Trump, is now more popular with the public than he was when he won the election with less than fifty percent of the popular vote.

Their flock has yet to see it because they are too afraid of reality, let alone the truth.

In this game of Go, the Western Left is rapidly losing all of their liberties, but the kicker is, it is their own quicksand that has surrounded them because they were never taught the difference between success and failure, winning and losing, or right from wrong.

This is the generation of the strategically illiterate.

It is time for a different structure of thinking for those who wish to make their own castles and gardens.

There is no point liberating oneself from religion if you willingly become a slave to politics.

The time for political atheism has arrived.

Propaganda cannot thrive in a Radical Centre.

Grifters cannot gain dominance with a Matriarchal Core.

Followers cannot depend on routine or scripts in Political Atheism.

And lies cannot be believed when there is F.R.E.E.D…