Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-Six.

Being partisan is admitting you are not aligned with reality, meaning you don’t have an interest in truth, let alone Truth.

You are all about issuing decrees to the little people, all of whom you see as deplorable, regardless if they puke ideology from the Left or the Right.

Facebook is having a meltdown because one of their vice presidents showed support to a lifelong friend, Brett Kavanaugh.

To expect everyone to mindlessly lockstep with what your decrees are is tyrannical, and no, you cannot use the pretence of morality to strong arm people into it. They have their own life requirements, and true morality is finding an optimum balance that ensures competing interests do not clash or interfere with the needs of others.

The Left are floundering because of their arrogance that they are superior to everyone else, and their alienating misconception that to criticize them means you are some Right-wing whack-a-doodle.

No, I am not on the Right. I am a Radical Centrist. Everyone has equal footing with me as I examine things on a case-by-case basis: I will not be bribe, bullied, or blackmailed. I was not be rushed or manipulated. Forget about shaming me or arguing with me with sophistry. If you were secure, you wouldn’t be trying to convert me.

Politics in the West has become religiously fanatical. Politics is now God, and all of the old tricks that religion used to keep the little people in place are still in play.

To be a Radical Centrist means being a Political Atheist. No, I am not impressed with your political appropriation of Eastern European socialism.

The Left have turned the Environment into a Doomsday cult. The end of the world if you do not assimilate with their decrees and solutions.

Sorry, padre, not buying what you are selling. While I do not believe in destroying the environment, I am not just going to take your self-serving decrees at face value, either.

Politics is not some sort of sneaky loophole to practice religious oppression.

Journalism fell into this game and lost its soul, and then its existence thanks to it. Here is a propagandistic rag, The Nation, kvetching about the “lies” of Kavanugh, while never bothering to look at the lies of the judges and politicians they shill. How very convenient.

And that is what broke journalism’s credibility: it thought it had to be partisan to pander to an established base, and then, it kept creeping into ideologically extremist territory in order to one-up competitors: if one publication or outlet pointed out that some ideological rivals were shifty, then you have to prove you are even more bold and wise by stating that everyone in that group were baby-murderers and rapists. It turned into a melodramatic farce, with outlets trying to fear-monger by predicting the end of the world if people didn’t use their products.

Journalists are talking about the Left at a “rage edge”, which is utter nonsense: what you have are a group of pampered and wealthy people who have a fantasy scenario where everyone applauds their every decree, and treat the middle class as their servants to be outraged on cue. People think these celebrities know something, and are getting incited, but that only goes so far: a few leaked scandals showing the hypocrisy, and the spell breaks.

And who are your minions? People trolling Twitter in their basements and taking selfies with placards at Starbucks using filters for vanity purposes? People who knock the military for being violent, and are now going to get their own way through illegal violence?

That’s the fantasy? Burn down something that took your ancestors hundreds of years to build because you were lazy and didn’t go vote or campaign, or run?


You with the lippy slap away answers for all of your own shortcomings and sins?

You who has no idea of the candidates running in your neck of the woods, or what level of government is in charge of what?

You who gets your talking points memo from viral videos on Facebook that you have no idea who cobbled together, who paid for it, or why?

You who mistakes advertorial writing begging for money as some sort of truthful journalistic article?

I see.

We are in a stage of anarchy in an Age of Propaganda. We try to mask our fear and ignorance by issuing angry and bitter decrees on things we know nothing about.

That is the state of the world.

Always looking for a villain to pin our own failings, as we try to spin a narrative where we are the hero victims.

We have never read more in the history of mankind as we do now, and never have educated people been more ignorant.

And the more ignorant a person is, the more they try to mask it by making big decrees.

We need an empirical and rational core of information, and one where those in it understand the atom of truth and reality.

We need a core that understands war games, and bypasses them without stooping to playing them or sympathizing with any one side.

We need a core that is Matriarchal where there is no creating false heroes, victims, or villains, where it is not about narratives or shaming or morally masturbating in public.

Fact delivery without the self-applause or egotism is what this world needs. Not some nag telling you what to think and how to think about it.

It is about finally getting the middle class into the realm outside of placating fantasy and into reality where they understood they cannot be ignorant or passive, or reply on scripts and narratives as a hack to fit in or fly under the radar.

It is about breaking the hard and soft layers, and moving away from pecking orders to First Among Equals.

It is about creating an alternative structure to thought that turns over the rules to break them.

And it is about time…