Brett Kavanaugh confirmed: How the Democrats failed to "weaponize" #MeToo: Shaming and virtue-signalling are not tools of war, but feints of royalty.

Not surprising as US Democrats are in a far greater dysfunctional mess than they let on. They coasted on #MeToo and this is the movement’s first real and major defeat.

Kavanaugh is confirmed.

The Left truly have no idea what they are doing, but when you build your ranks on champagne socialists and limousine liberals who do not understand that a “Resistance” movement is not a fashion statement, that’s what you get.

Trump is a shrewd man, and unlike the Left, he fights like both a general and a soldier.

The Left are acting like a bunch of kings and queens, issuing their decrees on the Troll Scroll, absolutely convinced slacktivism and carrying placards while shouting like uncivilized brats at people are the tools of war.

No, that is not the breakfast of champions.

Shaming and virtue-signalling is not doing anything but expecting servants to clean up the messes that you also had a hand in making by enabling wicked behaviour.

Turning women into helpless and delicate Victorian damsels was a big gambit and it backfired on Democrats and journalists alike.

The Democrats already lost the first time with Clarence Thomas; so this one they should have won, but didn’t because they think they are blameless and perfect, and way smarter than those on the Right, meaning they learned nothing and did the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

And the excuses the Left are puking are outrageous.

Seven FBI probes cleared Kavanaugh. You had three accusers with way too shaky stories individually, but together, they were glaring.

Ronan Farrow, who also should have known better, went to press with a story that he didn’t verify the way he did with Harvey Weinstein or Les Moonves, and it blared.

Michael Avenatti’s little nuclear bomb proved useless and many on the Left are blaming him for parading someone whose story crumbled after a simple poke.

But while many on the Left are convinced Christine Blasey Ford’s story alone would have sunk him, I do not agree. Seven FBI probes would have had the same outcome. That his mother Martha Kavanaugh was a judge, she would know the routines and the checks judges go through, grooming and preparing him, and it should be no surprise to anyone paying attention that he produced his teenaged calendars on the drop of a hat.

He was vetted, and thoroughly so, and the idea of a cover up is merely the Left throwing fits as their unfalsifiable hypothesis has just been proven false.

This is a horrific blow to #MeToo, and an unnecessary one. It would not have been if it weren’t co-opted by a political party, but everyone thought previous successes would guarantee another victory because of a “woke” mindset, and when you do that, you show how out of depth you truly are.

There is no strategy, let alone one that takes women’s experiences and natural rhythms into the equation.

But the Democrats earned this defeat. Inciting the masses is not a strategy: that is a lazy and manipulative person’s method of getting the little people to do the heavy lifting for you. It was Machiavellian to the core, but also thoughtless, and it showed.

You are not royalty. You cannot issue decrees and expect everyone to do what you want lest you shame them on social media.

But #MeToo isn’t the only loser here. Social media proved impotent as well, as well as their Big Tech overlords who have been openly rigging their platforms to favour the Left. Their billions mean squat as of today.

And it also proves that if your will can withstand the mass disapproval and you are persistent, social media is no match for you.

There will be more temper tantrums and rage puking. All of which is useless.

#MeToo should not have been misused here. The Democrats should have taken another track, but as #MeToo was the best weapon going, they appropriated it, and then spectacularly misfired with it.

#MeToo worked because of diligence. Women didn’t make up accusations: their troubles all had provenance you could follow, and could be verified by other means.

To #MeToo critics, they will now have a field day. #MeToo will also lose support from those who ride on the coattails of the success of others, which isn’t a bad thing; so long as feminists do not become dejected, or worse, not understand that you cannot possibly win every battle, and then hold grudges as you learn nothing from the mistakes of your losses. You have to change, modify and improve regardless if you were wronged in the past or not. You cannot expect others to change for you.

This was a shaky gambit, and the ones using it have a lot to answer for. #MeToo had better success in other venues targeting a different and specific sort of man. It is not all-purpose weapon to get rid of any male you do not like.

#MeToo became a one-trick pony. Women were turned into propaganda figures — all helpless and in need of Daddy Government to rescue them.

That is not feminism. That is not strength. You cannot bank on weakness or tales of woe: that can be the starting point, but sooner or later, you need to bring a new phase that has new strategies and specific goals.

#MeToo didn’t do it. People thought a single ploy was good enough forever and always. That’s a middle class truism; not the strategy of soldiers and generals fighting wars.

And the Left are inciting people who know nothing about basic strategy. Chalk it up to a generation whose parents sheltered them from failing or losing: that core of strategy was never developed. They threw fits and mommy and daddy fixed it by browbeating teachers and coaches into relenting.

You have to learn to fight like a soldier. Journalists do not know how to do that. Neither do professors. And not Democratic politicians anymore.

And that is why we have the Democrats flailing with their trash-talk and producing no victories, while anyone who can think several moves ahead always defeat them.

If feminism doesn’t want to be dragged down, they had seriously consider severing ties to that party and start from scratch — without some moralizing narrative, and with a willingness to learn and experiment with humility and enthusiasm of building something new with the lessons of the past…