Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-Three.

There is a peculiar narrative quirk in the presenting of #MeToo, and it is something that has bothered me for a long time.

That the running narrative only portrays women as victims who have merely endured abuse and were silent.

Now, this flies in the face of many women who were sexually harassed who reported the instances, or in several cases I know, did physical harm to the harasser, even though said harasser was their employer.

I know one person after their boss tried to molest them, had put that same boss in his place to the point of having to have him taken to the hospital by ambulance while the police refused to charge her for self-defence.

She is not the only woman I know who resorted to fisticuffs to settle a case of workplace terrorism, and this happened long before #MeToo was a thing.

The lack of narrative outcomes means that this is being processed through a patriarchal lens, which hints that there is something else at play.

And by no means does standing up for yourself and fighting back make people who could not or did not look bad in comparison.

Sometimes when you drive, another car charges at you and you have time and space to swerve out of the way, and other times, it is not possible. There is no pecking order or blame.

But, if #MeToo hadn’t be politically hijacked, we would be having a diversity of stories.

Instead, the role for women is now helpless damsel in distress who cannot stand up for herself, and must depend on the “right” government to shield her.

It is downright Victorian in its presentation, and not feminist.

A functional society is one where  you are not impeded, but you are responsible for you and the board isn’t rigged so that you cannot stand up or fight for yourself.

This should be a huge red flag that there is a serious functional problem with the peculiar turn #MeToo is taking. Keep women dependent and helpless as they passively want other people to fight their battles for them.

No wonder nothing has changed. You cannot use a single old-school and unoriginal patriarchal narrative and expect a different outcome.

But there are plenty of people trying to spin things to suit their own purposes.


Yes, ladies: burn the evidence and do all the heavy lifting yourselves as per a random white guy’s orders. Thank you for the permission as there is no well-thought out alternative mechanism in place. Aren’t you clever?

There is nothing but manufactured outrage these days on the Troll Scroll — men, women, Left, Right.

And no facts or plan.

But journalism is dead, and social media has even less discipline than the model it replaced.

No plans or thinking. No new ideas, just rehashing the old unworkable ideologies that our parents didn’t like, so it has to be right.

People with no knowledge and experience angrily barking orders to no one in particular, as if empty and passive words should be enough to change things by shaming that non-existent They to do all of the work for us.

The alternative to journalism is also the alternative to the current model of social media: it provides facts to turn reaction and reflection into something actively constructive.

But that won’t happen coasting on old patriarchal narratives…