Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-Four.

It is not about your little ego. It is about the bottom line.

Journalism’s uppity attitude was always a problem. They can give out criticism, but certainly cannot take criticism. Tell them their shortcoming, and you might as well have shoved manure deep inside their nostrils.

A true fact-gatherer is one with humility. Do not spin everything to make it all about you. It’s not.

Seriously, it’s not.

But while journalism collapsed, its egotistical mindset did manage to infect social media. This article from the National Post says it all:

Canadians relieved trade deal is done, but they won't forget Trump's 'disgraceful' attacks

The unprecedented attacks on America's closest ally have left a bitter taste

This is a headline that screams that Canadians are too egotistical to be able to think about tomorrow. There is nothing to feel relieved about: self-determination was sacrificed.

And “disgraceful”? What century do we live in? A Victorian one? Americans fought to secure their future, while Canada strutted around with an indignant nose in the air. That’s not how you negotiate with your future on the line.

Our dairy farmers need nanny government to give them money because they do not have the mettle to do it themselves? Why does every industry in this country need government welfare to function? Why isn’t that disgraceful?

China is throwing a major temper tantrum because the US can freely meddle in the trading affairs between it and Canada (and Mexico), knowing full well they have been stymied and now cannot bypass the US in any North American trading, losing a significant number their liberties in this game of Go. China wasn’t savvy enough to see the US’s Trojan Horse, and not only does USMCA allow the US to set the terms of engagement in the entire North America, but it smacked China hard with the same deal without having to actually directly engage them.

This is cunning on an entirely new level. Anyone who thinks Trump is some sort of moron is the actual moron.

And yet Canada has been blasé about it.

If the Canadian regime didn’t have an insufferable case of an inferiority complex, they would have seen what the NAFTA game was truly all about. When you negotiate, you do not care about your fragile ego. It is about looking for facts, and modifying your hypothesis as you test those facts.

Nothing more.

Nothing more.

Check your attitude at the door. If journalists did that, they wouldn’t be in shambles. If the Canadian regime did that, they wouldn’t be having to waste taxpayer money selling a bad deal to a passive public.

The alternative to journalism is run without an ego or narrative. It is guided by facts. Nobody cares if you are offended. Sometimes in life, you deserve to be offended. Sometimes you don’t. But it is about finding facts before you throw a hissy fit.

It’s not about you. It is about truth and reality, and dealing with it in a productive and active way that brings a constructive result…