Pseudo-feminism in an Age of Propaganda.

This Time magazine cover is pure misogynistic propaganda.


Pseudo-feminist propaganda that is patriarchal in nature, infantilizes women and casts a woman with a position of power and a doctorate as a helpless little victim.

And the fact that this came from a mainstream US publication — the ones that are run by the rich white boys is a real knee-slapper.

This is a trigger cover, and I find it interesting that to “get” Brett Kavanaugh, used an oh-so-very-convenient one “issue” against him, that happens to be the posh “MeToo” movement.

Now, what are the chances?

What? Nothing else? Seven FBI probes don’t turn up other issues, just the one everyone is talking about, and even then, can’t prove it the way other cases were?

The scandal is a little too contrived to be plausible with the usual gang of unoriginal and pandering suspects squawking in front of rolling cameras, grandstanding, and trying to manipulate women to march lockstep on cue.

The gambit, however, is seriously backfiring on the Left. The Right, who were running for cover, suddenly are pushing back and rallying together, something that the Left has been trying to prevent. If they lose the midterms, they are in serious trouble.

And they are in that trouble thanks to their own conniving and manipulative games.

What they are trying to do isn’t working anymore, and there is good reason for it.

Usually, propaganda targets men. You can squawk sexism all you want, but propaganda is based on biological mechanisms that are devastatingly effective. We can pretend to be sophisticated and individualistic all we want, but a single effective piece of propaganda, and all your scripts and masks fly right out the window.

Sorry, children, it is in the marrow.

The biological purpose in life is to reproduce and ensure the next generation is primed to reproduce. It is the reason why war propaganda always targeted young, childless men: they have raging hormones, are violent, competitive, and the ones who traditionally fought in the frontlines.

But what the Left has been doing with far less success is using the same kinds of propaganda that target men during war.


The reason women were used in these images had nothing to do with love or morality: it was a very sexist reason of warning men that their genes were not going to be passed on, but their enemies.

Once a woman is pregnant, she is out of the baby-producing game for nine months.

But this current propaganda model is using the same patriarchal images and then is being used to incite women during peace.

It is actually reminding women that they are — no matter what they achieve — just victims.

War is marked by chaos and anarchy where there is no authority to govern. Peace is marked by order and predictable rules where there is a power that controls as it governs.

What the underlying message is simple: men find their power in war. Women cannot even find theirs in peace.

#MeToo was a legitimate movement that has now been derailed and hijacked by those who do not actually understand war propaganda, but mimic it without rhyme or reason.

I always said #MeToo’s biggest problems was a lack of leadership and game plan, making it vulnerable to its own weaknesses, where others can form a successful counterattack.

But there is a second, more serious problem: while men have their war manuals and have had them for centuries to help them use their innate abilities to govern and gain as well as maintain power, women do not.

That is not the fault of men. I have written such a book, but have not published it yet for my own reasons, but I do not plan to keep it under wraps.

So we now have women who have won several battles, but now think they will keep winning them and then win a undefined war.

And they are now in unfamiliar terrain, and have now allowed others into their ranks who should not be in there.

The pseudo-feminists who pretend to be feminist, but have deep sexist mindsets.

Because no feminist would have created that cover, let alone published it.

Feminism is not about wallowing in frailty, and that cover is all about seeing women in a narrative lens of victim.

A damsel in distress who is at the mercy of authority to recount her tale of woe as a partisan side takes pity on her as she is a valuable pawn in their war games.

The narrative is not one of a heroine’s journey, for instance. You either have to plea your case to the Man, or to the dead profession of journalism that has been run by sexists for decades.

But that is what you can expect in an Age of Propaganda: where people are infantilized and throwing temper tantrums expecting their servants to make things right.

The white knight to the Left has always been this nonexistent They to do things for them.

But feminism was never about relying on They. It has now become incompatible with Leftist ideology.

And feminism should have moved away from it decades ago and formed its own original ideology.

A Radical Centre. A Matriarchal Core.

But the partisan propagandists co-opted feminism and held it back in a holding pattern, where women are groomed and primed to see themselves as victims, even when they think they aren’t.

If feminism truly wants to break a glass ceiling, it means growing up and moving away from a patriarchal political school of thought known as the Left.

You have to have vision and built your own castle and garden: not search for nannying ideologies such as liberalism or socialism. Those were created by the patriarchal white boys, and those proved to be faulty and unworkable.

You want equality? Stop making demands and start forging your own path, and not see demeaning Time covers as some sort of validation of your untransmuted rage…