The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Sixteen: A war changed my life. I didn't have to be in the tangible one. The intangible one opened my eyes, and I became an author of manuals.

I am Serbian by heritage and Canadian by birth, and because I am both, I am neither.


I was so traumatized by Western journalists, that it completely changed me.


When a collective can walk over one set of bodies as if they were garbage, and then demonize those people they walked over, you lose more than just faith in that group.

You lose all respect for them.

It was then that I realized journalism was a sham. The worst thing was that it took me very little time to find out where they were really getting their information.

From a cabal of PR firms. Not the war zone.

It was traumatizing, but liberating.


It was then that I became an alchemist.

Alchemy begins after a spiritual death, and the old Alexandra died when she realized everything she believed about her government and her media was a lie.

But as it was the Left who demonized the Serbs the most, it also meant my original political ideology was also a sham, too.

I was crushed to death by a cabal of Establishment liars. This isn’t my opinion. I kept hoping I was wrong, the way Harry Houdini kept hoping he was wrong about his skepticism of the mystical and kept challenging people. He exposed them all, when deep down, he was hoping to find the one who was real and he could reconnect with his dead mother.

I know that pain because it was too horrifying for a teenaged girl to face.

But I faced it. That war changed my life. It wasn’t the tangible war that had any impact on me, but the intangible one of war propaganda.

So the old Alexandra suffered a spiritual death, and like the phoenix, a new one awoke.

She was surrounded by the same lead that killed her predecessor.

Alchemy is the noble art of turning lead into gold.

And the gold in my case, was writing war manuals: how to see the manipulations of journalism and counter them.

It became a calling, but also my own alchemy. I keep right on target.

The Target symbol Serbs wore was nearly identical to the alchemical symbol for gold.

It just has one circle too many inside. I had no idea at the time, but I eventually saw it.

We all have talents. Mine is to see through mental manipulations. Over time, I began devising systems to counter them both reactively — but as time went on, proactively.

It is the reason I refined Matriarchal Storytelling, and created an alternative to journalism called F.R.E.E.D.

A Dangerous Woman Story Studio is the manual for overcoming the manipulations of patriarchal fiction writing.

Chaser News is the manual for overcoming the manipulations of nonfiction narratives.

Education, when it is not used to indoctrinate people, expands thought.

When it is misused to condition people into thinking a set way, constricts thought.

If you are not coming up with new ideas, theories, and experiments in a class or course, that is a sign that your thoughts are being confined, not expanded.

If you keep insisting that everyone who doesn’t think just like you is evil, you absolutely know that what you believe is a lie, and now you are trying to cover it up by suppressing other people’s ideas as you force everyone into thinking like you so that you are never challenged.

It is a sign that somewhere along the way, you were miseducated, but in the words of Anna Freud:

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.

It means you have to let go of the lead, and then learn to turn that lead into gold.

In other words, there is no excuse for being miseducated. You rise above it.

But it is much easier if you have the methods of education. In journalism. In fiction.

We learn how to learn in school, but those are habits we take with us as we inform our minds reading nonfiction, and also our hearts with fiction.

Chaser News is a school of sorts, just as is A Dangerous Woman Story Studio: it is the intangible school of learning how not to agree to be placed in an intellectual and emotional confine.

I became woke because of a war.

But I can also make dreams come true in peace.

War and peace do not stop me.

I learn and grow. I still create manuals and come up with new theories to test every single day.

It is an adventure. I survived a spiritual death, and came up with Method Research.

But life is to be lived, and shouldn’t always be alchemic.

Alchemy is the ultimate act of rebellion and defiance: you are not going to let anything or anyone prevent you from living.

Or creating.

With goodness, kindness, and altruism, even in anarchy...