The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Fifteen: Maverick? How dare you be a maverick?

The Daily Caller pointed out something I have been saying as well: we have people do racist things and are still bankable and employed, but should someone talk about it, they get fired.

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It is the reason the US cannot have any more good ideas.

You have a populace trained in throwing temper tantrums in a bid to seem moral and intelligent.

It is a stupid strategy.

People spew scripted propaganda as they demand everything be their own way and any discomfort must be punished.

This is a shortsighted stupid strategy.

But I do not agree on the Hollywood Reporter’s take on the Kelly Affair.

The only reason why Megyn Kelly didn’t work out had nothing to do with anything else save for the fact that she has a mind of her own.

She isn’t some Stepford Democrat. She isn’t some Stepford Republican. She isn’t trying to appease everyone by being some ideological maid or servant.

After all, her autobiography is called Settle for More. (A nod to Dr. Phil McGraw’s philosophy, I know, but it is still true).

She dared to settle for more, and as a woman, you are supposed to eat shit and smile as you are grateful and feel blessed and lucky to be a shit eater.

Democrats and Republicans alike like their women to be little, not mavericks or visionaries who are eccentric, enigmatic, controversial, and outrageous.

She continues to settle for more, even as she is being cast as a villain for demanding what she is owed. She wants monies owed to her, and she should get it. She doesn’t want to be silenced with a NDA, and good on her for it.

The notion that the Left have anything to do with feminism is absurd: feminists know what it is like to be bullied, maligned, isolated and repressed for not following a rigged script — so there is no way a true feminist is going to do the same to another woman who doesn’t march to a rigged script.

I have also said that feminists failed by not pushing their way into conservative parties. You don’t put all your damn ovaries in the same basket. You don’t make yourself dependent on a single source as you allow other venues to go unchallenged.

But feminism was hijacked and co-opted by Corporate America and they allowed their message to become sexist propaganda that paints women as victims and damsels having to shake in their boots in case abortion rights are taken away.

That’s a passive and weak strategy.

Stop wearing those fucking little girl pussy hats, put down the placards, stop watching The Handmaid’s Bullshit Story, and grow up.

What is the plan?

What is the goal?

What is your map for making it happen?

Expecting the whole world to just agree with you is not going to happen. You either begin moving into conservative parties, or you denounce them both and start a new political party.

You have to be active and not be confined by a public-service mindset of committees, consensus, and any other life-sink used to ensure that you never actually reach the goal, always postponing, diluting, bickering, nagging, virtue-signalling, and philosophizing.

Kelly defied that mindset and that’s why she is being raked over the coals.

For the record, I am not a fan of Kelly, or her remarks. I am no fan of the Fox News Channel, either.

And I am no fan of NBC News.

But I am confident enough not be threatened by someone who has her own mind.

And I have been around long enough to know when people are using a contrived moral excuse to hide their more baser and more abusive motives for attacking her.

Had it been about racism, then Jimmy Fallon would have gotten the boot, but no one demanded his head on a platter for doing far worse things on his program than Kelly did on hers.

And boy, did #MeToo suddenly turn silent after it had its first major failure with failing to stop Brett Kavanaugh.

Ladies, there are no hacks for a 100% guarantee in anything. Take the movement back from the DNC, and modify your strategies, up the goals, and settle for more.

And stop dissing Kelly. It sounds petty.

Which brings me to Chaser.

When I worked on it the first time, I decided it was going to have a feminist bent.

I also decided I was going to be blunt and honest, and be me completely.

I am outspoken, eccentric, and I make no apologies for my unconventional life, career, and beliefs.

Take it or leave it, but you are not going to shame me into retreating.

Manipulating, bullying, threatening, slandering, arguing, belittling, patronizing, and all the other feints and ruses will not work because I am who I am, and that’s all there is to it.

If you haven’t read my manifesto, now is the good time to do it.

I am not buying your bullshit strategies. Fuck you, asshole.

I was woke long before it was a thing.

And I knew the trajectory when I started it the first time. People ignore you, then they “correct” you with fake praise and negging, and then comes the insults, putdowns, threats, and then the melodrama.

Been there, done that, didn’t buy into the scripted propaganda the first time.

Then life took a very prolonged catastrophic turn for me, and I absolutely had to put everything on hiatus to navigate out of a series of unrelated crises that came out of the blue and could not possibly be prevented. No one could have prepared for it, and I am a person who thrives in chaos.

In the middle of it all, I started A Dangerous Woman, and even a series of cataclysms didn’t stop me. They slowed me down, yes, but somehow, I still managed to produce work, teach art, and get a book published based on the material incubated through my experimental writing venture.

I am still not out of that vortex. Soon, I find out whether I am out of it, or not.

Regardless, I march forwards and upwards, demanding for more, not less.

I am not settling. I am not retreating. I am not walking away.

Every god and every demon in the universe can gang up on me, I know who I am, the content of my character, and my worth, and I don’t back down.

And if the mortals on this planet have a problem with that, fuck them. I don’t care.

I have started my preliminary interviews for two of the three stories I wish to pursue, all while writing the latest edition of A Dangerous Woman.

Life is too short not to follow your dreams or not listen to your heart. I am not destructive. I am a creator by nature, and I am in a good place with it.

Ignore me, insult me, that’s your loss, not mine.

Never mine…