Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty.

This is a very interesting hatchet piece that is worth studying for its brazen attempt at social engineering:

My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth

Sinister? A propagandist’s trigger-word, certainly, but it used to prop up an argument that, if the facts alone were told in a neutral way, would not rig the reaction the way the author of the piece wishes it to.

Worse, this is a loaded headline: “battle” “over the truth”: it is a virtue-signalling headline that doesn’t offer facts, but a narrative, where the author is — surprise! — the hero/victim and his target is the villain.

And how villainous?:

Mr Kavanaugh was then a cocky 30 year-old from the affluent WASP suburbs of Northwest Washington, very much the country club boy with a high sense of his status, and Georgetown Prep and Yale Law School behind him, though only with a humdrum Cum Laude. If anybody was going to wind up my hard-scrabble, salt-of-America witness, it was this child of privilege.

So, it is evil to be from a wealthy family who went to law school.

And Cum Laude from an Ivy League school is nothing to sneeze at. The vast majority of the planet cannot say the same thing.

So let’s not be petty and jealous over this “child of privilege.” It’s just pathetic. (And if you are one of those petty and pathetic people who wonder about my academic standing in university, it was Summa Cum Laude, thank you very much. They don’t make the titles any higher than that).

But in all this snooty and melodramatic misdirection, notice that Diane Feinstein was a pivotal player during the Starr probe of the Clintons — as well as a key player in Kavanaugh’s nomination process.

That is the real story here. What we have is a petty, scoring-settling little war involving the same senator and judge.

And it also involves the Clintons who somehow in all of their ruthless and conniving games, always end up coming off as herpes personified.

The rest of this smear job is mere speculation and conjecture — and considering Evans-Pritchard is spinning a man’s sterling credentials into something vile, his take on the rest is highly dubious, and has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Lawyers play hardball. Let’s not pretend that Kavanaugh was doing something that other lawyers from both parties don’t do on a daily basis. That’s a confirmation bias that skews and distorts the truth.

But that the federal regime is an incestuous one is the actual story, and one glossed over because it is in vogue to bash Kavanaugh. It is his turn to be the nerd the bullies pick on the playground.

Yet, decade after decade, it is only a handful of the same players fighting for control and settling childish scores — all on the taxpayer dime, of course.

If there were shorter term limits, games such as this one would never happen — because no one weed would be permitted to plant roots in a place that should be as changing as the reality it is expected to govern.

It is just a war, and like any war, there is someone spewing propaganda to curry favour with those in power. If it were more fleeting and unpredictable — those games would no longer work and people would be placed in a position of having to actually to real work instead of finding shortcuts all while pretending to do their jobs.

The alternative to journalism must always be aware of these games — and not prolong them with temper tantrums disguised as news articles.

No wonder so many antiquated systems and industries linger on: when rot is allowed to fester, that rot grows because it has learned the patterns and exploits them.

Get rid of the predictability, and there is no time to scheme.

The alternative must be one that thrives in chaos — turning over the rules in order to break them — not prop up the lies those rules bring with their adherence…