Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-One.

Yes, the people of San Francisco only worry about the homeless when they attack them with crime.

Notice how many untested truisms are never challenged in news reports such as this one:

Deena Ladd of the Toronto-based Workers’ Action Centre said she was “waiting for more than just a comment in question period to actually take the government seriously at this point.”

“I think everyone is really kind of appalled that they would consider getting rid of basic labour legislation,” she said. “They’re just talking about it and I think they’re evaluating the response they’re getting from the people in the province.”

No, not “everyone is appalled”, or are small business owners, for instance, not considered people? Just yesterday, I took my cat to the groomers, and right under the glass of the counter was their reasons why the increase was harmful to their business, but they weren’t the only ones who made their unhappiness known, such as the restaurant that had this on their menu.


Now, I happen to support a higher minimum wage, but not only do I not pretend “everyone” agrees with it, I do not demonize people who disagree with it. It is called adulting.

The New York Times — the newspaper that fawned over Donald Trump for decades and gave him all the free publicity anyone could want — are trying to bury him any way they can, making them no better now than they were during their Trump-drool era. His lawyers are none too pleased, but really, let us not pretend that no government agency was aware of things going on — particularly New York State. I have done stories where I had to interview government officials — and they know everything about you even before you file. (Even in Canada, when I had to make a simple change of address and had to contact the CRA during tax season, they asked me to verify myself by giving them information that I had not filed yet because I could not file until I made the change first. The government already knows: they just want to see if you are going to be honest about it first).

So New York State is full of baloney.

And no one asks critical questions.

You don’t give people a free pass. You have to verify what is real and isn’t.

The alternative to journalism is about skepticism without antagonistic narratives.

The Times may not drool over Trump these days because he didn’t give them free cookies and balloons, but they still fawn over business grifters that have cost the economy billions of dollars.

They cannot be trusted to ask hard questions because they are selective in what they ask and who they ask.

And that isn’t journalism. That is writing by confirmation bias…