US journalists cast themselves as victims as they demonize the audiences they abandoned for the city slickers.

This Associated Press piece of propaganda is interesting:

Anger toward media spreads into local communities

Boo hoo.

It is a bullshit story, and one I have no flying fucks to buy, but journalists don’t get it.

It reminds me of CBS’s Rural Purge in 1971 or so, when they cancelled a slew of popular programs that had a small-town theme because they wanted to just appeal to the city folk, and screw the small town yokels.

Entertainment brass decided it should be all glamour all the time, and apparently, you can’t get that in some village.

It was a classist act, and media owners followed suit, looking down on the small town people as they patronized them with fake news of the fuzzy bunny variety instead of giving them real information that they needed to know. The press spoke poorly of those smaller communities, as if they were idiots.

And they are now shocked how much anger those people have against them.

Well, you called them all dumb, inbred Nazis, did you expect a lollipop from them?

Were they supposed to thank you for placing them lower on the pecking order than those sophisticated rubes in the Big Apple, who are merely dumber versions who overpay for their cramped condos to make some sibling jealous?

Never do journalists ever consider whether their own attitudes and behaviours caused this hate against them.

You failed this group of people. You keep insulting them, questioning their every thought, belittling them at every turn, and now they hate you.

This is class warfare. This is the Establishment creating excuses to make this group faceless villains who must be confined and contained.

The way they tried to do to Serbs.

Find the PR firms and who is bankrolling them. Find out who their contacts in the press happen to be.

The news is fake. And it is vain.

And people will get hurt so some asshole can buy one more Mercedes…