The National Post's intriguing obsession with being Steven Galloway's publicists.

The National Post is spewing how Steven Galloway is sue happy, which is nothing new for any Canadian male on the #MeToo hitlist.

Patrick Brown is doing it. So is Jeramy Dodds.

In the US, it is #MeToo.

In Canada, it is #NotMe!

It is the way sheltered little boys roll in this bland and timid country.

But the National Post insists on being PR flunkies for not just Steven Galloway, but also men like Jordan Peterson, the latter who is being represented in court by one of the Post’s own columnists/lawyers.

As they are cheerleading him.

That is not only unethical, but bizarre.

No one should have a newspaper at their disposal writing propaganda on their behalf.

I find this pattern very intriguing, however.

I remember finding the coordinated propagandistic attacks on Serbia during the civil war equally intriguing, and when I started to do basic digging, I stumbled upon FARA.

Because the Post is not a newspaper that bothers with actually reporting.

They are stenographers. They parrot press releases. They sit their asses in courthouses and are mere authority conduits. They are lapdogs by trade and design.

And it will be interesting to see the story behind this little piece of theatre…