Revisionist history, amateur-style: how dishonest narratives keep prejudices in play in 2018.

I remember when I was a kid and there were adults who seemed to be puritanical prudes who railed against pre-martial sex and drinking, and then later I found out that lo and behold, those were the ones who had shotgun weddings and had reputations among their peers for being party boys and party girls.

Megyn Kelly inadvertently caused the American Left an epic headache: they want to pretend they were always oh-so-moral, and that she said that people in her schools had been in blackface has made their children and grandchildren have a trauma.

Grow up, brats.

As I have mentioned before, I grew up in the 1980s and I was not only witness to such an episode in the school, I know there is a photograph of those students who are not Alexandra Kitty doing precisely that kicking around somewhere.

So I read with a chuckle this boneheaded response from the sheltered snowflakes of her old high school, a group calling itself Students for Peace and Survival at Bethlehem Central High School, which would should now be renamed the Church of Moral Masturbators:

“We weren’t alive when Megyn was in high school but, in the recollection of many of our parents who grew up around here, it was not acceptable even in the 1980s town that she knew.”

Okay, so (A) you have no first-hand knowledge, meaning you are not in a position to speak, and (B) You are relying on hearsay from parents who have a vested interest in denying it — or simply didn’t remember.

That is not evidence, children.

I worked as a journalist, and I can tell you that often, I would get denials from many, but as I kept pushing, asking, and gathering evidence, I found very ugly truths people wanted buried. This Middle Class Church Lady Conformation Bias, and it’s garbage.

But so is this:

“Our local newspaper’s records show that minstrel shows were performed as fundraisers in our elementary school gym,” they explained. “Perhaps its staying power even in the northeastern United States despite its obvious bigotry speaks to the pernicious role that blackface played and still plays in broadly normalizing racist caricatures. Jim Crow, after all, was a blackface character long before he was shorthand for systematic oppression.”

The “research”, of course, is bullshit. They looked in the newspapers? For what?

Do you honestly the newspaper was going to go snapping pictures of trick or treating for the newspaper?

Are you really that stupid or do think other people are stupid enough to buy your garbage?

You are not going to have your gutless parents admit to you that they wore blackface for Halloween because then they cannot be snooty in front of the neighbours.

You are now being nationally humiliated and instead of saying, “Yes, we did something wrong”, you are doing what philanderers and swindlers do: cover up and think if you deny it, you can’t get called on the carpet for it.

For the record, I believe Kelly.

I believe her because there has been no shortage of racist people posting their blackface costumes on social media and getting pummelled for it.

As in, in 2018.

As in, a couple of days ago.

I believe her because it happened in my diverse school.

It is these kinds of denials that keep racism alive. If you lie and pretend it never happens, people get away with it, and then others see it, and keep doing it.

Just admit it.

Just admit that you are not as progressive as you pretend you are.

And it is no less harmful than the actual act, kids…