A couple of updates: A Dangerous Woman and Chaser Investigative News.

More on these points later. My schedule is going to be hectic until the New Year, but I am actively working on a few things. It depends on whether I write another book for a traditional publisher how much time I will have along with one very critical factor, but this where this site is going:

  1. A Dangerous Woman will have at least one more publication out by the end of the year that I am actively working on.


I have not put out A Dangerous Woman magazine since the 1 Becomes 2 edition. These are all from the Otherworldly line with one Within Fable. The spotlight is on Thomasina Darlington, a Goddess who figures prominently in these line of stories. I am hoping to wrap this up soon, but as I am upgrading my teaching skills until the end of the year, my last six stories shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to complete.

2. I want to get Chaser slowly off the ground. This is more labour and resource intensive, but I want to start slow. There are three stories that I wish to explore: one is global. One has to do with the US. One has its origins in Canada. It may be that I may decide to do one, two, or all three, and when I am certain where I am going with it, I will give real details. Suffice to say I am not going to do any like traditional stories. They are not quite in the F.R.E.E.D. style I keep alluding to, but they will be serious and informative, but presented in a more eccentric style than the usual fare. It is not satire like the Onion. The vehicle has been done to death. These are just in the crude planning stages with preliminary research and rough experimentation, but I do not want long, epic stories to start with: just three small stories with a very specific focus.

I will keep writing my usual fare here, as well, but as I have said before, 2018 has taken particular pleasure in trying to derail me, and I have not gave in the slightest, but it has slowed me down…