The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Eleven: News is an empty shell with no core. Even the name flat-out states it.

Last night, I was invited to a private talk about my latest book, which is not something I have done before.

It was fun and interesting with the usual range of comments I have gotten for the last quarter century, from the thoughtful and smart to the not-as-thoughtful (but how can anything be done about it, we’re all doomed, and kids today are a lot smarter than previous generations, and that’s why they try to deflect their ignorance with this neo-Victorian pseudo-outrage), and I usually counter the latter: everything can be done about it, we are not doomed, and kids today are not smarter or different than any other generation.

I talked a lot about politics and psychology in addition to the journalism, but there was a minor throwaway point of what news stands for: New East West South.

The directions of a shell without the centre — the core.

And it shows.

As a radical centrist, I know the core is the most important part of a compass, but one we take for granted.

What direction is the centre? The core and go toward any direction, but it is the one that holds the other ones together.

Yet journalism always ignored that core, something Chaser will not be doing…