Remember when political parties used to suck up to journalists? They don't need to anymore.

Donald Trump bypassed the press for Twitter and won.

Doug Ford bypassed the press and made his own version of it and won.

So that the Canadian Federal Conservatives are using the same playbook is interesting.

That Canadian media slant Left is true, with notable exceptions, but it is becoming increasingly clear, the press have lost their clout.

With the National Post’s pathetic celebration of 20 years in the business (I covered their birth in Presstime), they really, really were reaching.

They were always a money-losing paper; so they never had influence, despite their very sad attempt at trying to think up some stuff that they falsely claimed “shaped Canada.” Allowing Jordan Peterson to write his own ticket is not an actual accomplishment. The arrogant self-love and back-patting doesn’t mask that the Post didn’t do anything. It was DOA and as someone who taught in various colleges, the stacks of free Post newspapers that sat there pristine as they were untouched and unread speaks volumes.

The Right are realizing how little the press actually matters. Even people who fancy themselves as “informed” and “news junkies”, don’t actually know as much as they think.

And that means that journalism is just an empty going-through-motions, not a part of the civil fabric.

The void is getting larger because we have delusion there is information because you stare at your godphone while wearing earphones and completely missing connection or reality around you.

The Right — who have always been more cunning and alert than the Left — have realized this and are creating new strategies that do not require any dealings with the press. The Left are still reactionary and living in denial because they think they “won” the press and that what was powerful thirty years ago will be so for eternity.

The Internet’s powers are waning — we are seeing the ramifications of it and more rapidly by the day.

Clinging on to scripts isn’t working — and thank goodness for that.

But we have no core — just empty and broken shells, and that will cause more harm unless new alternatives are cultivated now…