The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Ten: Radical Centrism is empirical. It compares and contrasts, not take sides.

It is very easy to hide information and skew it with various feints and ruses, such as Non-Disclosure Clauses. You can make any organization seem functional when you use them, as CBS does.

Most people are so egotistical and cowardly, that they always look for evidence to confirm that their theory is right, and that they are good.

They always forget to look for refuting evidence.

This bad habit even has a name: the confirmation bias.

Watching North American politics is a case study of mass confirmation bias. You see the Right behaving badly, but so does the Left, who no longer have any concrete platform, they are just pontifical pricks and church ladies either virtue-signalling or fear-mongering.

When you ask about specific policy, raw data, or hard numbers, they balk and try to make you sound as if you are immoral to demand some facts.

They will be quick to pull out some bogeyman to threaten you what will happen if you ask for specifics. The bogeyman will do horrible things like take away your weed and your right to have an abortion or have a gay marriage.

In my career as a journalist, without fail, whenever tried that kind of racket with me, they always had something to hide. The moral façade was a scam to hide their own sins and misdeeds by trying to deflect attention away from themselves as they pointed out the sins and misdeeds of their rivals in power.

The Left have now gotten this racket down to an art form: Hmm, lady, those are nice abortion rights you have there, you wouldn’t want something to happen to them, would ya?

And that’s a game of war.

I have said feminists are not being very visionary sticking by the Left as their knocking their knees trembling in fear. That is bullshit and a childish gamble at that.

I have said they should have stormed the Right, and pushed for abortion rights in that party so that it was always off the table.

But it didn’t happen because we have a group who have placed all of their ovaries in one basket.

That is not how strategists think.

Journalism collapsed because they took sides in this never-ending slap fight, and they did so because they have never been empirical in their approach.

I am empirical in my approach to information, and it is the reason I am a radical centrist: I am not sitting on a fence.

I am hovering over it, observing both groups as I compare and contrast the content of their message as well as their structures.

That is what Chaser will be: a radical centrist outfit that is empirical in its approach, comparing and contrasting in order to confirm or refute theories.

So, if all looks fine on their surface, you dig just as you do if all looks dysfunctional.

There are ways to hid information, such as NDAs.

And you see that most times, what we see as opposites are just opposite sides of the same bad penny…