Memo to Jeffry Zucker: Do not blame Trump for calling your garbage garbage. The bloodshed CNN has caused over the years is revolting.

When there was a war in the former Yugoslavia, I used to cringe every time CNN had one of its propaganda reports. They never let people know about those white tents set up to give press releases to reporters who would then pretend they got it in the field.

They were not the only ones and that was not the only war they fanned the flames. Remember those nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction they touted as if they had a clue?

Or Nayirah?

How many people died because journalists reported lies as facts?

I was a teenager when I discovered just how much puffing and bluffing journalists did.

How many times does a reporter wear a protective vest while on-camera, even as all the crew can be seen without it.

Of course, it isn’t just CNN. CBC in Canada had one of their reporters on camera shushing the crew to keep quiet as they were in Syria…while their big, honking lights were shining in the darkness.

Yeah, those blind snipers with super-hearing can be a real bitch to avoid.

So when CNN’s Jeff Zucker rage pukes as he morally masturbates with this garbage is a knee-slapper:

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.” Jeff Zucker, President CNN Worldwide.

Fuck you, Mr. Zucker. How many lies did journalists spew the cost people their lives, their peace, their life savings, and their careers?

Too many to count, but I wrote the book and then another on the amount of deception and dishonesty your ilk have caused.

This is CNN.

Fake news.

This isn’t Trumps fault.

It is yours.

In the name of bragging rights, you hunt down your prey and tear them to shreds, with no regards of the consequences.

You ignored predators like Harvey Weinstein, for instance. You drooled and slobbered over horrible people and presented grifters as Great Men and Titans of Industry.

If people are angry at journalists, they have every right.

So shut up, and stop exploiting events as a misdirection to try to keep skeptical eyes form seeing what you really are.

Because you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Especially not those of us who have watched you behind those curtains and know just how low you’ll sink in the name of being on top of some non-existent pecking order…