The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Five: Jim VandeHei, it's not the simple. Journalism is dead because of advice like yours.

JIm VandeHei, CEO/Co-Founder of Axios, proffers ridiculous advice in this babble:

4 ways to fix "fake news"

Considering what drivel Axios is, let us take a line by line of the four simplistic and passive window-dressing his majesty suggests:

  1. Politicians: Stop using the term "fake news."

Yes, politicians lie to the public. Tell the little people that those antiquated and un-empirical arrogant slobs are real news.


That up there is just one example of fake news disseminated by the press (and one I found on one of my old computers that died on me a few years ago, but I recently retrieved my files on it and that was one). I wrote books on how fake journalism has become news.

Politicians should call out journalism what it has become: trash.

Notice how advice #1 is passive and expects some group of They to keep their mouths shut?

2. Media: News organizations should ban their reporters from doing anything on social media — especially Twitter — beyond sharing stories. Snark, jokes and blatant opinion are showing your hand, and it always seems to be the left one. This makes it impossible to win back the skeptics. 

Notice again that Mr. VanderHei is obsessed with optics, not any substantial changes. He is telling reporters not to express their opinions because then they are exposing their liberal bias.

I hate to break it to the sheltered Mr. VanderHei, but it is obvious in their work. They are not that smart to hide their true intentions.

3. Social media companies: Radically self-regulate, or allow government regulation to stanch, the flow of disinformation or made-up news: Lovely, he is again issuing a demand to another They to be censors and go against the original intent of social media of allowing regular citizens the right to express their realities.

Once again, this is shallow window-dressing that does nothing to actually address and fix what is wrong with journalism to the point it collapsed.

4. You: We all want to fault others, but each of us is very much to blame. Quit sharing stories without even reading them. Quit tweeting your every outrage. Quit clicking on garbage. Spend a few minutes to verify the trustworthiness of what you read: Now, he issues decrees to readers what they can and cannot do. Dude, you are not the people’s editor. You cannot control 7.4 billion people.

This is the very reason why journalism died: you have Mary Sues who don’t see they destroyed the profession by being shallow.

And this is as shallow as it gets.

That is why there is no saving journalism. They are like the religious fanatics who take life-saving measures off the table, and then are shocked that they cannot be saved.

And that is the reason I am taking my approach to both F.R.E.E.D. and it vehicle Chaser the way I am: I am telling you that I am a radical centrist and political atheist. Deal with it.

That is who I am whether I reveal it or not.

This way, I am being blunt and brave as I am being honest with you. We are drowning in lies already, I am not going to add to the pollution.

It is bad for the intellectual environment.

So, enough of that rambling garbage. Axios is a partisan outlet that offers nothing to the public discourse, except telling people to lie, keep secrets, censor, and follow someone else’s orders…