The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Six: a furturist in a Neo-Victorian vacuum.

If we need any more proof that the Victorian Ladies have come full force into 2018, look no further than this article:

Employees and execs are failing drug tests at shocking rates

You don’t say!

You mean all that over-reaction, fear, and paranoia came from using mind-altering nervous pills!


Knock me over with a feather.

Those delicate Victorian flowers, of all genders, who are lactose and fragrance intolerant, vegan, organic, and stoned because of their delicate constitutions.


Whenever drug use increases, it is a sign of a repressed society.


But hardcore drugs were not just legal in the Victorian Era, but highly prescribed.

Doctors gave their jittery patients the hard stuff like heroin.


And the not-so-hard stuff, like cannabis.


Even post-Victorian days, people were downing radium.


There is a myth that drugs are “recreational”. They are self-medicating. They are not cool or hardcore or edgy or rebellious, the way chemo isn’t any of those things, either.

You can take Prozac or smoke weed.

Whenever you have a society that follow scripts as they mimic, model, and memorize what sanctioned authorities decree is acceptable, they will fall off the mark of the rigged game, and then seek medication to “fix” themselves, especially if there is a premium on success, and they miss the mark or perceive to miss it, and then have the anxiety that comes from feeling ineffectual or deficient.

Anger is suppressed with weed. Anxiety and shyness with blow. Uppers, downers, drugs are role facilitators.

It is the reason they were all the rage in the Victorian Era. You had women stuck and dependent on their husbands for survival, and having to wear corsets that constricted their movements and often fainted.

I never understood the moral angle of drug consumption. It is coping mechanism, just as tattoos are not about expressing individuality, but about linking through overt group affiliations in an attempt to cement them and find permanency in a world of fleetingness. Shaming or condemning the act isn’t productive because it makes too many assumptions about why people are doing the things they do: their overt explanations rarely align for the actual obvious reasons.

But what is concerning is why is 2018 so repressed? There are unprecedented freedoms. We have never had a society that allowed women to run for the highest office, for example. We have had gay marriage, and now increasing recognition for transgender rights. We have the Internet that opened so many doors and opportunities.

And yet we have whiners and squealers who are having meltdowns, screaming about resistance and socialism — something that would have caused their ruin not that long ago.

You have wealthy celebrities openly advocating sedition. You have people who were jailed for treasonous acts, have a sex change, and then get released to much fanfare and then enter the political arena.

Once upon a time, gay couple would never be seen in the movies or television. Biracial couples were seen as scandalous. A person who wasn’t white couldn’t dream of becoming president. People who had tattoos or neon hair could never find work. Teenagers with out of wedlock children would never get their own television show, nor would they have been allowed to keep their children.

And despite it all, there is a real oppression.

The Troll Scroll hints at it: the amount of emotional stoning and shaming going on is surprising, considering how liberal 2018 is compared to earlier eras.

But unlike past oppressive eras, this one is self-inflicted.

The confines are not institutional or societal. They are of the person’s own making.

Which is peculiar.

When I originally ran Chaser, I said there were three stages of real change in individuals and collectives: Anarchy, Alchemy, and Altruism.

When I wrapped up Chaser, I called it Anarchy, and we are still in its throes.

But that brings us something shocking to consider: that anarchy still bring repression.

People in the most permissive time in the history of mankind have been so conditioned to structure their minds in repressed forms that they do not see the obvious.

Perceptions are not aligning with reality.

People are free, but do not feel happier or freer than they were before. They reason that there some other outside agent causing the oppression, and then push the goalposts, hoping the next area anarchy will do the trick.

But anarchy is not medicine. It is not a curing drug. It is a state of chaos.

Anarchy can not bring you either happiness or misery. That is an internal mechanism that has no correlation with external mechanisms.

We could have complete hedonistic freedom right now, and if you were unhappy before it, you will be devastated after.


Because you have reached the limit of demands you can possibly make, and it has not made a single dent in your misery.

Because that repression is yours alone and you have sole ownership of it.

We could legalize all drugs tomorrow and give them for free, delivered to them personally of their own choice and quantity of the finest. People could all be issued mansions and get paid a premium income without working, and if you think that would be utopia, you would be badly mistaken.

People would be still complaining and whining how oppressed they were in this horrible trap called paradise.

Paradise is within you: you are either at peace with yourself or you aren’t.

Those If Onlys are excuses.

And that’s where we are now.

When there is too much freedom and it is met with ingratitude, outside agents seize it. People are already expecting oppression; so it encourages others to grant that wish of a self-fulfilling prophesy.

People become angry and rebel, only to get crushed as their softness works against them.

And those who truly were dispossessed became livid at those spoiled brats who have everything and it is still not good enough.

But now that I am working on Chaser once again, I am not calling it Anarchy for much longer.

People are burning out.

It is time for Alchemy.

The time to turn psychic lead in a noble metal.

People are buried under so much negativity.

And as there is freedom, that means the external agents have done their job.

Now is the time for people to own up and work on their internal problems.

Drugs don’t solve them. They mask them and merely prolong the inevitable. If you are unhappy sober, your subconscious is equally unhappy stoned. You can fool your conscious self, but never your subconscious.

There will be two distinct groups: those who cannot face their own inner demons or even angels, and will always look to outside agents to make changes for them.

The other will be those who can easily face the stuff of their very hearts and souls and make changes as they do not wish for outside agents to meddle in their lives.

It will not be a Left-Right divide, nor will it be one of Rich-Poor, or Educated-Uneducated.

It will be Active-Passive.

The agents of their own change will be those who thrive in Alchemic methods. They will have their own language and creations, and their goal will be utopic: they will see they can build their own paradise independent of others, and relish the opportunity to create things beyond the Establishment boundaries of politics, wealth, education, entertainment and communications.

The passive ones will still to scripts as they wallow that scripts are poor medicine for their woes. They will stick to the Establishment and seek to destroy.

The passive will be the agents of lead, while the active will be the agents of alchemy.

Chaser is for the active, not the passive.

It is for those who have gone through the wringer, but are still optimists and active creators at their core.

It is not for the spoiled or the sheltered who cling on to childish narratives always looking to validate themselves.

This may be a Neo-VIctorian vacuum, but I am a futurist who has left that vacuum and am going to places not explored, ready to be my own agent of change and progress without expecting anyone to live my life for me…