Western Left-Wing hatred of Eastern Europeans continues.

The peculiar rift between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is interesting, all of which the Western media knows zero about. They have their little moralizing narratives, and no actual facts. The former nation in this spat has invested heavily invested in regions of Eastern Europe, while the former has had its issues with that republic.

Mind you, Kosovo is a hotbed, and there are too many rumblings going on — and as usual, the Serbs will be expected to roll over and play villains to convenience foreign meddlers looking to make an extra buck on the Slavs’ backs.

The Western Left have had a vile bigotry against Eastern Europeans that goes beyond Serbs — with their ugly prejudice rearing its head during the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia, which was the impetus for me going into journalism. I had said that coverage should have merely replaced the word “Serb” with “woman”, “black”, or “gay”, and the prejudice would have caused an uproar with those in the Left who never think they are as bigoted as the people on the Right. They are just as bad; they just pick different groups to abuse.

And now, we are seeing the same sort of bigotry emerging with the Western media.

The Latest comes from a “thrillernovel that has all the markings of war propaganda.

But, of course, there are no facts or perspective. Just hate spew. It is nothing new, but Easter Europeans are in need of pushing back against this ignorant and vindictive hate and remember this manipulative game is nothing personal: Eastern Europe has a bounty of natural resources, has prime geographical access, educate their people to be critical thinkers — and most important of all, their close family ties are prime area for meddlers to attack.

Eastern Europe has already been through enough traumas — and history does not have to repeat itself: the Western press merely needs to be put in its place and held accountable for all those lives their distorted and dishonest coverage has ruined — and the bullies on the playground will be forced to find another way to get their own house in order without the usual feints, ruses, and plundering to do it…