The Victorian Left: How the Progressives regressed to the 1800s and keep retreating.

I have been told by many people that I look just like this Gibson Girl.


It is all in the eyes and the head shape. I saw immediately myself, but kept it quiet for years, but when other people made the comment, there was no point in keeping quiet.

I have an affinity for much of the era, from Art Nouveau to Sherlock Holmes to Gibson Girls.

As a kid, I noticed something very weird: women in stories and news article were prone to weird stuff, from “hysteria” and fainting, and often needed “nervous pills”.

You didn’t read or see that kind of delicate constitutions from present day women. They didn’t faint when someone made an accusation or gave them shocking news. While people do often need to be tranquilized when they hear catastrophic news, such as the death of a child, this kind of behaviour just isn’t a thing.

Women in that era were just starting to crawl out of oppressive hell.


And were starting to break taboos.


Or so it seemed.


Certain taboos weren’t all that of a stretch, but they were linked to the oppressive lives of women who could not vote, were considered their husband’s property, faced discrimination, and were forced into marriages not of their choosing, having to sacrifice their own ambitions to prop up their husband’s station.

And that took a lot of a “nervous pills” to stomach.

I was listening to News Talk 1010 the other day, where host John Moore made a snide remark that people who say they didn’t do drugs were either lying or nerds, which is ridiculous.

They are either lying, or are Victorian ladies in need of “nervous pills” to cope with the confines of a middle class life.

Because much of what is now illegal wasn’t back then, and those yummy pills those Victorian women were downing had some loopy side effects that kept them seemingly happy.


It was the way of keeping society humming and semi-civilized.

With Canada legalizing pot, what they are doing isn’t edgy or even new.

They are merely going back in time to the Victorian era to do the same things that were done in order to keep oppressed people in their place and not question their life choices or the reasons why they were settling for exploitation and all around garbage.

But they are not the only ones.

The Leftist media and political operatives are trying to keep current, but have retreated to the same era.

#MeToo had a very 1960s civil rights vibe to it, and had that same upbeat optimism despite the dark origins.


But then the Democrats hijacked it and turned it into some Victorian melodrama based on a whiny and mediocre Canadian propaganda novel and worse US propaganda television shows.


The Left have been so obsessed with differentiating themselves from the Right, that ran in the wrong direction.

You are not progressing, but regressing. You are relying on archaic narratives and tropes to make some non-existent point.

The fun and youthful spirit that was once an integral part of Left ideology has been replaced by old-fashioned wallowing, and I am surprised we do not have marches with people fainting.

They can come to Canada to get legal nervous pills.

Once upon a time, when the Left felt adrift, they licked their wounds by channeling the 1960s and bounced back.

But this time, they went in some other, peculiar, and very unhelpful direction.

Part of the reason is that the Left was overtaken by limousine liberals who look down on hippies, and go-go dancers are now seen as overtly sexualized, and like the staidness and caste system of that bygone era.

The other reason is fear. In their minds, they are facing a monster with many heads, and instead of a sensible and brave resolution that involves creating new strategies and playbooks, they are looking for some other symbolic milestone and the suffragists are it.

It is a grave error in judgement because they are retreating and going all by themselves to the very place they fear the Right will drag them, and even willingly dressing the part.

And why they are in need of nervous pills.