Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Forty-Three.

That Western media trounces on people who do not think like them is an understatement. That lockstep mentality is everywhere, and it is only since the rise of social media where people are attempting with varying degrees of success to challenge it, but even now, the we see babble mouths on CNN flung dung on Kanye West because his politics isn’t perfectly aligned to what it is “supposed” to be.

Serbs have always been an enigma to the West for the no filter mouths and bluntness with regards to pointing out reality. This does not sit well, particularly with people on the Left who are addicted to praise and fawning over their so-called “progressive” views.

This isn’t just a North American problem. Western Europe is equally merciless when it comes to people who are rebellious and independent by nature. If you are not on your knees, praising them as the genius next messiah, then you have to be broken and reconditioned to see that they have your best interests all along.

If you believe I am exaggerating, look no further than NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s recent speech to Belgrade University students, telling them point blank that NATO bombed Serbs to “save them.”:

“I stressed that we did this to protect civilians and to stop the Milosevic regime.”

No, you did it because you are violent control freaks who wanted to break people who fought for their very survival.

This psychopathic speech did not go over well, but Mr. Stoltenberg’s arrogance was ignored in the Western media.

NATO very well knew that (a) foreign mercenaries came into the country and committed heinous atrocities, (b) that prisons were unguarded and murderers and rapists were free to do whatever they please, (c) that several prominent PR firms were spreading misinformation — fake news — which the Western press bought regardless of how fake the accusations were, (d) that the leaders of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina had fascist and bigoted ideology and were open with it, penning works that would be considered hate speech anywhere else in the Western world, and (e) it was outrageous for the West to allow provinces to break away, but then not allow Serbs who owned land in these regions to join Serbia as they did not wish to separate (and if anyone makes any excuse should see Western politicians and media’s about-face when it is their own backsides in questionincluding former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. So let us not play make pretend).

So no, the bombing was criminal and unjustified. NATO would have seen the same video footage I did from the region even before the war, where Serbs went to find remains of their dead from the Second World War in Croatia, only to exposed to graffiti that warned them they ought to come back to join their ancestors in those unmarked graves. They knew the traumas Serbs went through in that same war, where there were even concentration camps to keep Serbian children. In the Second World War, the Croatian Ustashi gleefully too photographs of their torture and murder of Serbs — and it happened again in the Civil War of the 1990s.

NATO knew all of it, and they chose a side, and bombed civilians because they could get away with it, and they did not like the rebellious Serbs who would not play by the chauvinist rigged rules of the West.

And that chauvinism continues to this day.

Beogradski Sindikat is a Serbian hip hop group, and they uploaded a video on YouTube depicting the burning of Serbian churches — and although the video is staged, this is in reference to real acts of hate crimes.

YouTube allows all sorts of violent images, except they do not like when Serbs make songs that describe the hate crimes that are committed against them.

And it is this confirmation bias that perpetually dooms Serbs to be stuck in a vortex where they can be harmed, but it is either ignored, dismissed, censored, explained away, or they are villainized.

I know because my maternal grandmother’s family were slaughtered in concentration camps in the Second World War, and I have had people shout over me at the first mention, with more than one person telling me, “So what?”.

When I wrote letters to media outlets regarding their skewed coverage during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, that “so what”? was uttered to me by phone when I pointed out that Serbs had been the victims of atrocities during that conflict.

So what.

As Serbs were labelled the Bad Guys, then was perfectly normal to say “so what”? when their children were slaughtered.

And I was witness to it. The level of abuse I took from Western journalists, producers, and editors when I pointed out the lies and inconsistencies in their stories is not something many people can actually appreciate.

When confronted with evidence that what they reported was a lie, they denied it.

It is the reason I became a journalist. I realized as a teenager that the Western media was no better than any other one.

I wanted to see precisely how this kind of mind games worked, so it could be countered within the industry, but then social media rolled along, and then journalism collapsed.

But just because we don’t use 8-tracks or cassettes or even CDs or vinyl much anymore, doesn’t mean the world gave up on music.

We still do. We just have a different way of doing it. We stream, but we also go to see them live in concert.

So journalism is the 8-track. It is not the end of the world that they failed.

F.R.E.E.D. is something different. It doesn’t spin yarns. It weaves mosaics.

And it doesn’t say “so what”? when people who suffered have a message to tell…