Rich, Establishment Democrats issue decrees to the little people to fight their battles for them.

Perennial grudge-holder Hillary Clinton inciting the little people to be uncivilized, something her and her equally boorish husband are experts in.

Another well-heeled Establishment Democrat Eric Holder is walking lockstep with that narrative, also telling said little people to “kick low”, as if the Democrats aren’t doing it already with their propaganda memes and Machiavellian fear-mongering to incite people to fight their wars.

That’s right, little middle class people, go fight some wealthy Establishment-types wars for them: get arrested, blacklisted, imprisoned, and even killed so those fat cats can waddle back into power at your expense.

Notice how they keep their manicured hands clean.

Western civilization is highly uncivilized to begin with, and no wonder: you have people in power babble and spew, behaving as if they are owed positions of power. Delusions of grandeur enabled by a yokel press and an unworldly flock.

The sour grapes pouting on the Left has got to stop before they lose their credibility in the bargain. Inciting a pampered middle class demographic is not going to work because that group are hoping some group called They will do the heavy lifting for them.

The Left are becoming increasingly unhinged because Donald Trump has their number, and is cranking calling them to their perpetual humiliation. Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is trying his best to spin a narrative that isn’t true:

Chrétien says Americans made 'a monumental error' when they elected Donald Trump

'People don't take them seriously anymore,' the former prime minister tells CBC News

Oh, they take him more than seriously: other world leaders are afraid of him, and for good reason. He is a far superior strategist than the sleepwalkers who coasted on pandering to the sheltered middle class who make pouty faces at homelessness, crime, and anything icky. They got off on the bored housewife/husband dreck of happy, feel-good cheerleading where everyone gets a gold star and no one loses.

Then came Trump and stomped on their false paradise, and they are incapable of fighting back.

They are not street fighters or strategists. They are vain sycophants and weasels who bribe the electorate with suburban goodies. This has been the crib notes for the Left, and now they are paying the price, trying to put a Bad Guy spin on poor and blue collar people by labelling them “populist” (read: fascist).

The Left have insulated themselves from different perspectives and now their tunnel vision isn’t allowing them to see the landscape where Trump owns their collective backside. These were the nerdy children who fantasized about getting vindication and eternally punishing those who didn’t applaud them, and that fantasy world is killing the Left.

The problem is their corrupt mindset has infected their operative institutions across the board: journalism, entertainment, and academia are all equally dense.

They, for instance, do not understand how they lost the Kavanaugh row. One Canadian professor thought she had a clue:

Democrats, on the other hand, attempted to combine the momentum of the #MeToo movement with distrust by progressives of Kavanaugh’s position on reproductive rights to generate enough rage to convince moderate Republican senators like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to vote against their party. 

She goes back to it a little bit later::

The attempt to prevent Kavanaugh’s nomination failed because Democrats bet on the energy of #MeToo to supplement the power they actually held in the hope that they could destabilize the Republican Senate majority. This was a foolish wager.

The #MeToo movement is not a political movement. As a slogan and rallying cry it has galvanized an incredible amount of energy, affect — and profit — around enumerable policy projects, many of which are internally inconsistent. Furthermore, it is not clear that many of these policies are progressive or liberal in any discernible sense.

The Democrats did something far more conniving than that: they hijacked #MeToo, and then re-invented it to suited their own narrative. They delegated women into the role of damsel in distress, who were victims of a dastardly villain.


And with that single move, the Democrats proved they weren’t for feminism or progressive values. They just use it as a threat to keep their flock in check.

The trauma of November 2016 on the Left should not be underestimated: it cause them to be frozen in a spiteful vortex. The soft and sheltered ways of their pampered Establishment were rudely intruded on by reality, and their sophistry led them astray.

They have not come to grips with the reasons they lost: they were intellectually weak and predictable, and Trump was chaotic, innovative, ingenious, and a strategist who pulled the veil on their hidden weaknesses that they still believe they can explain away.

That is the reason journalism collapsed in North America. They don’t get that they are to blame for their own demise. Academia are still insulated and keep spewing the same sophistry that did in journalism. The politicians on the Left have no new original ideas and are now getting their sorry backsides whipped by Trump who won because he was an outsider who brought a fresh perspective into the equation.

For feminists, their interests are not being served by the Left, and it is high time women created a new political party: they will get trounced on in the beginning, but they need to be trounced on so that they become awakened to the reality of the battlefield. If you don’t want to keep losing, then you had better let go of your fairy princess narratives and face reality in order to understand the truth.

That is what journalism needed to do, but didn’t, and now they are reduced to being dead clowns who allowed rich people to incite the masses for their own self-entitled ends.

Nothing is working for the Left and had they dropped the vindictive temper tantrums and started modifying their own views and behaviours, they would have bounced back from losing a single election months ago.

They chose to be stubborn, thinking their stupidity was important to keep because their pride wouldn’t let them see the truth. Clinton lost because she wasn’t capable of winning, and someone should tell her to get off the stage before the crowds get wise to her schemes…