Memo to the Chronicle Herald: Grow up, children. And start thinking like adults.

Canadian journalism is run by unsophisticated hayseeds, small town, big city, they are all shallow and sheltered clodhoppers who honestly think they can sound learned as their logic flies in the face of actual reality. They do not see the obvious and are so self-absorbed that they are blind to things until it hits them square int the crotch.

In this case, it was Donald Trump who kicked Justin Trudeau in the privates with USMCA.

The Chronicle Herald is having a meltdown, and this puerile column is both amusing — and disturbing.

The beginning shows the global ignorance of the author:

If there’s one lesson learned from scrapping with the United States over trade, it’s that Canada needs to find new partners and new places to do business. It’s time to move on, because America might never be cured of its malignant Trumpism.

Canada had decades to find them. They always slacked and saw an easy hack on depending on the US. But here is where the unworldliness begins to bleat:

The talks for a new NAFTA exposed what President Donald Trump is doing to his formerly respected country. He is making it repellent.


Not at all.

The US has done all sorts of unspeakable things to other nations for decades, all in the name of “democracy.” They bombed countries. They starved them with economic sanctions. They meddled in their elections outright.

So this is nothing new. The only difference was Canada, a nation that chose to turn a blind eye and be a faithful lapdog happily running with the US, is now becoming the recipient of their dark side.

It was all wonderful and glorious when the US did those sorts of things to other people. Canada just nodded, applauded, and went along, never considering what would happen if they were in the US’s hot seat.

So spare me this whiny emo rant. It is like a naive women who dates a man who has beaten, fleeced, and cheated on a string of other girlfriends, but she think she is so special, that he will won’t ever do those things to her.

Sorry, fairy princess, you aren’t all that, either, and an abuser abuses, no matter who you are.

But the blindness goes unchallenged in this temper tantrum:

That’s the only conclusion after hearing Trump’s threats about “the ruination” of Canada if it failed to kowtow to him and about how he could “punish the people of Canada.” He also remarked on how our prime minister is “very dishonest and weak.”

And Trump was right in his assessment. He didn’t give up US sovereignty. Trudeau gave up Canada’s; so why are you angry at Trump, and not the one who blinked?

The stupidity continues:

So we have a tentative new trade agreement, but life with the Americans is never going to be the same again. Nor should it be. They can’t be trusted and it isn’t just Trump.

You just realize this now? It was okay for other countries to be broken into submission, but not Canada? Canada enabled this behaviour for decades.

The tirade knows no end:

The president is the least trustworthy major political figure in memory among the advanced democracies. But his tame Republicans support him to the hilt. None will criticize Trump or his poisonous behaviour, presumably because they believe that arrogance and lies are what Americans want.

Hello! The US has done this sort of thing for decades. What cave do you live in?

I will leave with one more hayseed observation because this is a highly unreadable piece of tripe:

Trump also has his fan cult, with its rallies and paraphernalia; its chants and its aura of barely contained violence. Members demand the kind of lies and arrogance you can only get from Trump.

No, not just one president.

Remember those fake “weapons of mass destruction”? They didn’t exist, but it didn’t stop the US from deciding how a foreign government was going to fall.

Or the destruction of Serbia that was instigated by multiple PR firm’s bullshit stories that only a moron would believe?

Or those imaginary Kuwaiti babies in incubators that sparked another invasion?

Canada is lucky they haven’t been slapped with sanctions or invaded for our natural resources.

Justin Trudeau played a game he is not savvy or brave enough to win. He is in a job he has no qualifications for — and the USMCA proved it. The fault isn’t Trump. He looked out after his nation’s interest. Trudeau did not — and he and Chrystia Freeland are entirely responsible for this fiasco. If they thought they were going to dictate to the US what their environmental and gender policies were going to be through negotiations, then they are knuckleheads. No one tells the US what they are going to do because they have a plan and they stick to it.

The only difference between Trump and all of his predecessors is that he realized three things:

  1. Journalism is dead.

  2. The Left are all talk and chest-thumping.

  3. Canada is expendable.

I knew all of these things prior to the US election. If this realist saw the obvious, so did the one who captured the White House. Canada has been living in a perpetually deluded state of ignorance, and thought they had charmed the US.

And Trump told the world in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t buying. For the last year, he challenged Canada’s old narratives, and put the feds on notice that he wasn’t having any of it. Or regime thought they could preen and strut by “standing up” to Trump, and they grossly misread their mark and overestimated their own cunning.

You elect leaders to do the heavy lifting. That is what they are sent to the country’s highest office to do. They are not their to vogue or babble: they are there to ensure your nation is kept safe from all sorts of harm.

Canada has no business and no right to blame Trump: he is not their president. He has no obligation to wipe our noses. Trudeau, on the other hand, is directly responsible. He is the one who has to answer to his people why he screwed up as badly as he did. His point woman has zero experience in negotiations — and that is not something you can wing. Her incompetence glared, and the entire nation paid the price.

This was federal regime’s error. They were full of themselves going in, and Trump won because of it.

You cannot keep blaming a foreign leader for your domestic nincompoopity.

But Canadian journalists hate bad news. It is the way of the unsophisticated who want happy, happy news, meaning they want other people to be bothered with the hard labour and grunt work.

But reality doesn’t have to abide by their sheltered logic…