Memo to the Atlantic: The Left and Journalism find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear, too. Who do you weasels think you are kidding?

I am not someone on the Right.

I am not someone on the Left.

You are not going to tell me where I am going to stand.

You are not going to dictate or shame me in how to think.

You are not going to make up rules, draw a line in the sand, and then honestly expect me to play childish games with you that you rigged to place yourself on top of a fake pecking order. It is the equivalent of playing Got Your Nose.

You want to bicker and rage puke, go ahead. If you are some petty and nerdy control freak who must morally masturbate in public and turn life into some annoying little competition so that everyone’s attention is deflected away from living their lives so they have to indulge you and do everything to your majesty’s exacting and self-serving specifications, see a shrink, not me.

I am a Radical Centrist, and there is a difference between being a Centrist (a fence sitter), and a Radical Centrist (a political atheist).

A Radical Centrist is not taken in by the smoke and mirror games of the Confirmation Bias, nor does a Radical Centrist ignore structure and propaganda.

There is no one ideology, narrative, belief, or value, or mindset that is flaw-proof. That’s why we debate, research, experiment, and test those beliefs, find the current flaws, change, alter, drop, refine, and improve them.

And that is what a Radical Centrist does: keep finding the centre of gravity and maintain the balance of reason.

If journalism was actual journalism, that would be what you would find in stories: a centre of gravity. You would have sensibility, rationality, and it would not pander to ideologues who are too stupid to know they have become ideologues or enable the delusions of people who think their life requirements and perceptions of reality are the only things that count in the universe.

But journalism became the preachers to an extremist cult. They villainize people and groups with no regard of the long-term consequences of their behaviour.

Which brings us to the pretentious propaganda rag The Atlantic.

They had the nerve to publish this drivel:

The Cruelty Is the Point

President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear.

And it hasn’t been the point for journalists and the Left?

Do not tell lies.

Ever since Trump was a serious contender for president — and ever since, the press and the Left have had a very sick and twisted vendetta, throwing epic fits because they could not fool all of the people all of the time. They have been actively provoking civil conflicts and openly musing about having a civil war.

Inciting people to murder is as cruel as it gets.

You have faux bored housewife/husband “Resistance” movements, for what? You lost one election. You are not in a “Resistance”: you are in soggy underpants. Please change because your attitude stinks.

And what have the press and the Left thrown from those soiled diapers in Trump’s direction: they have called him a fascist, mentally ill, a traitor, a sadist, someone who has dementia, stupid, and have made sick comments about his relationship with his daughter, because heaven forbid a father admires what his female child has become, and said even sicker things about his youngest.

The amount of hate puke coming from the Left who have become pontifical pricks who have some sort of default assumption that they are even more perfect than the gods they pretend they do not believe in.

The vitriol coming from Hollywood is precious. You are an industry that lies, cheats, and steals, all while you sexually exploit women and children, mistreat animals, destroy the self-esteem of people, are stoned out of your minds, and have been indoctrinating the public to glorify racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and violence for decades with your narcissism — and you call out Trump?

Nice try.

And journalists. Where do I begin? Cribbing from press releases, lying, exaggerating, distorting, and inciting hatred and fear — why are you resentful of him? Because he has more power than you knuckle-draggers do now?

Finally, the Democrats. You never actually do a thing for feminism, but keep frightening the womanfolk into voting for you so they can have abortions. This may come as a huge shock to you fat cats, but if the only thing you can offer is that, you failed women.

I am pro-choice, but you also had Bill Clinton in office, and you all behave as if his behaviour was normal.

The Left in the US and Canada remind me of the old saying that people who point a finger of blame at someone have three fingers pointing back at them.

The article is pure propaganda that uses a confirmation bias to the extreme. American politics has always been ideologically violent and primitive. Left, Right, it doesn’t matter, the entire system is filled with hate and fear. Vote for us or you’ll all be slaves!

And the Atlantic feeds into the wicked fire with garbage essays like that one.

Instead of finding a psychologically healthy alternative that has cooperation and ideological tolerance that shuns pecking orders, we just have small and petty minds try to keep the sickness of pseudo-democracy going long past its best before date…