Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Forty-Two.

The latest CJF J-Talk is the usual teenage angst-fest:

State of Media: Survival Strategies in the Age of Misinformation

No, they are not looking at why they ruined their own industry, but are looking for various bogeymen to blame while they wear a halo:

Journalists and media organizations around the world are under siege from misinformation fed by social media and an antagonistic U.S. president. How should journalism and democracy respond to this dual challenge? How can journalists ensure truth overrides false information? How should they respond to public attacks and historic levels of mistrust? At the same time, many media are seeking sustainable business models and some are asking: can blockchain technology provide security for the future of journalism?

I love this — journalists are “under siege” by the Bad Guys.

How do you respond to “public attacks”?

How about dropping the narcissistic and paranoid attitude first.

This is akin to doctors who were all self-taught whining that they are being under attack by the patients they hacked.


You have no science behind your research, and when the citizenry got university degrees, you are surprised that people are critical of your sloppy, partisan methods and don’t trust you?

You spew war propaganda as if this isn’t a psychopathic thing to do, and you have the nerve to wonder why you are reviled?

These are not the days where people were lucky to have a highs school degree, and your stories sounded right to them. These are not the days where you were the only ones with access to a mass market. These are not the days where there are no alternative voices who can shatter your narratives.


You have allowed lies the sparked wars to go unchallenged.


And you have been the perpetrators of fake news for a very long time.

stephen glass.jpg

And you never learn.


No contrition for making gross errors.

Or having conflict of interests by owning a PR firm as you work in the news.


And letting people who plagiarize stay on your payroll.


They were allowed to spark wars and invasions with empty phrases and no proof.


Or making up emotionally manipulative stories that won prestigious awards.


And committing all sorts of other transgressions.


Even sexual harassment.


And got away with it for decades.


And held power as they did it.


And I could parade many, many more faces.

I wrote books on media deception.

Well-researched books of confirmed cases, and I went into the profession to find out the truth.

So why is journalism dead?

Simple: they so richly earned it.

But the alternative to journalism can never play those same games.

Denial is a game for cowards, and the fearful can only produce excuses.

And there is no room for it when you are dealing with facts…